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Living life without passion is much like eating food without the taste.

The true taste of life lies in discovering our true passion.

We don’t live to eat but we eat to live. The former is not a desired state and the later is what we don’t desire to keep doing.

Life is much more than just food, and there is this “food for thought” about life’s purpose that makes life more meaningful and beautiful to live.

We all have our passion.


The passion to live our life the way we cherish nurturing the moments of life.


It is not always visible and apparent. It is there within, it is hidden. It is there in a passive mode. It is there somewhere with us and we don’t know how to locate and leverage the latent talent. Interestingly though we live in digital world, we don’t have the digital device to locate the GPS of our passion positioned within our mind sphere. This gives us the direction. The direction to what we can commit everything in our life. Once there is this drive, we strive for it and then we madly thrive on what we have discovered as our passion in life.

It acts like a compass in our life.

Unfortunately many of us ignore the power of passion. We try and when we don’t get it easily, we give up. The easiest thing to do in life is give up. There are things we should give up and it makes life better we do so, and do it genuinely and with gratitude not out of attitude. It is the easiest thing that we can do. We all do it and few of us manage to persist and discover our true passion and pursue till the end. The means is what matters to reach that end. And if the means is a product of our passion, it builds on us and sustains the urge to do and makes us surge ahead in our life. The difference is there for all of us to see.

The big stories emerge from the corners of nurtured passion. Passion could be anything and there is no stipulation or limitation to it. Something that touches our heart, something that makes us happy, something that keep us awake, something that makes us forget even eating and drinking, something that takes us to uncharted territories, something that lifts our soul, something that provides us with that unbridled joy of the beauty of life. The big question is how do we find it and how do we build it. Never easy to work on things that we are not passionate about but as we do we do out of compulsion or out of lack of proper choice or we do as we have to do just to feel our stomach.


Feeding our stomach is a compulsion but feeding our mind is a choice.


We should choose something that we love to do. Though we all work to make money to feed our system of living, work is the best equalizer in good times and in bad times, even in joy and sorrow. It is well said that we should be working both in good times and in bad times and when we are happy and when we are in state of frustration, the best antidote is work.

There is a time to do everything in life and there is trap in doing so, and we unknowingly fall in that trap, as we miss the bus in the journey of life we fall into the routine and do what has come our away by default than by design and not go far away to do something that we love doing.


There is an intrinsic power in that love.

It powers our pursuit in what we have chosen to take up in our life.


The Power of Passion and Purpose


It is in our childhood days when we do everything, we encounter our passion but we don’t recognize it and we try our hand in almost everything that comes our way. We keep playing with our passion but we don’t acknowledge the power behind that passion. We are not serious about taking that passion forward unless there is a drive or there is support to take it forward. We look outside to get that strength and by doing so we become depend and when we don’t get the right kind of support we lose the plot of life. It has to come from within, it is intrinsic in nature and occasionally the outside support just acts as trigger, a thrust but the trust has to there within.

It gets mixed with the routine and gets mired in the daily working, in early days of life the school becomes the focus where we are suppose to learn everything and the passion gets lost in the confinement and the curriculum. By the time we come back home, we are all drained and we are depleted of energy to take up something we really love, we may love but that is not sufficient condition to succeed in our love of life, its needs dedication and concerted efforts to work around the love of life to stand up and stand out in our life. So much is the burden of routine, the special something within us is suppressed and unless consciously worked on it doesn’t surface out.

It is in early age that our curiosity supports that exploration of doing new things and trying out things that may not be taught to us or told to us, we do so out of our own interest and something that we observe and get attracted and something that we have inclination to indulge.

“INDULGENCE” is not a bad word.

Indulging in bad things is bad but we have plethora of good things in front of us. This could be singing to dancing to experiment with gadgets to telling stories to helping others to cooking to travelling to farming to flying to painting to playing and the list goes on and on. There is no end to this list and it is endless list of passion that we can pursue but all of us fail in finding the one that is so much within us and we look at the others, search outside and become helpless and envious. It is a fact of life, we ignore things that are close to us and near to us, unless somebody outsider comes tells us and appreciates it, we don’t recognize the value and worth of it.

Purpose & Passion


The passion sets the real purpose of our life in place.


Everything we do around our passion is what we love to do and there is amplifying effect of energy and there is a lever to leverage and we see surprising results and outcomes that even surprises us. We question our own potential, did we really do it or was it possible or it just happened or the question “how could I do it”…all these questions become irrelevant when we have done and taken our ability to do something unique and something better for the society. Something that is making us happy and providing benefit to others, there is a wonderful feeling of give and take in that engagement. We are no more doing things that we don’t love to do and we are doing something that is immensely benefiting the society. We need to translate our passion into solving core problems to addressing critical challenges that otherwise was difficult to face or do.

Discovering the passion is one aspect and but the real challenge lies in translating the passion onto solving problem that are real in nature. Unless passion solves real and complex problem, the impact will not be felt by the people in the society.


The problem has to be pressing and the problem has to improve living standards and elevate the thinking level.


With heighten thinking and improved living, we are lifting ourselves to handle bigger problem and innovate ways to solve it even much better. This is a cycle of life where we enjoy doing what we do and we produce something that others enjoy receiving, and when there is perfect sync, this rolls on and there is self generating horse power that powers the process for continuous improvement of humanity at large. All the inventions and innovations that we see around us is the outcome of dogged pursuance of our passion.


The innovators and inventors are highly passionate people.


Nevertheless, the question still lies if we miss locating our passion in the childhood, is it the end? Or do we have some chance of locating it in our adulthood and can we still pursue it and make it happen. Yes, it is possible anytime but the earlier the better, we then have enough time to nurture it and bear maximum fruits of the planted seeds of passion. It is a desperate state when we don’t discover our passion and there are none to help us doing it, knowingly well that it is very much within us and many times we are confused with so many things that we want to do and we are lost in the wilderness. How to come out and get out in the open and embrace the one thing that drives us crazy and this is not a bad idea to follow something we are crazy about. Being “CRAZY” about something is a good way to discover our hidden passion.


Of course there is difference between being obsessive and being passionate.


Though obsessive is looked in a negative connotation and obsession can go out of hand if not handled with care and with prudence. But passion is something we should not put any conditions and it shouldn’t be subjected to any control. The essence of passion is in its freedom to explore and expand our horizon for anything and everything that comes in the purview of passion. Ask some one who has discovered their passion and how they are living their life after their discovery and designing their life around passion.

You will get only one answer and that is of joy, happiness and bliss.

But if you ask that how they discovered it, all may come with a common answer and many may not know how it happened, they just did what they love doing it and the common denominator is about doing what we love to do but the problem lies when we love doing so many things or we are lost in the love of things. Perhaps answer lies in doing everything and judging the relative love of one over the other or there is a meeting ground of two or more such things and we have something new that we are in love and that is the essence of discovery.


It is a constant search.

It is a rigorous haunt.

There is no easy route.

There is no straight answer.


This is something that comes out of engagement and that is more about meaningful engagement. This is something which fulfills our purpose in life and the magic is in the convergence of passion and purpose in life. Life is all about discovering the fundamental purpose of life and passion provides that platform to do it and do it in a manner that maximizes the possibility of knowing our purpose of life, and living a significant life. Leading a life without purpose is living a mechanical life, quite contrary what we as human being are suppose to do in our life.

We are living organism and we have the mind and we have the heart and we have the soul, who is giving them the nourishment that they need, doing routine work can only feed the fuel need to run a mechanical body and biological mind. It is not what we think about our life and it is not what we want to do in our life, only when we are bereft of any options and handcuffed that we succumb and serve as a servant to the master of other’s life.

I really enjoyed writing this post, as it forced me to think what am I doing and am I really following my passion and how far I have gone away from my passion in the disguise of doing something that has  drifted me away and apparently I am so busy in my work. Perhaps doing my work but not working on my passion. Is it really serving any purpose of my life…


I realized that it is not my passion but it is my frustration that is speaking in a different voice.




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