Variety and Spice of Blogging


The blog post format is subtle, often gets overlooked in the overall outlook but certainly brings that extra element of spice onto the reader’s table. The proposition, the food for thought can be bland if not mixed with the right and different spices of thoughts. The format plays a significant role, but invariably get lost in the cacophony of content and we get hooked on few things only and forget the rest in the bargain. Assumptions are the root cause of many problems that gets silently buried in our deep and diverse thoughts and we keep scratching the surface. Solutions are hidden in the art of questioning. It is not an hypothesis but it is a proposition that constantly questioning our assumptions is critical to the progress and success of blogging.


It is not the way we write but the way we present makes a lot of difference.


There are multiple ways and means to present an idea or dwell on a topic, the different ways brings flavor to the food for thought.

Here are few formats that can spice up the post and we should learn not only the art of writing but also keep learning the craft of presenting the stuff. Unlike spice food which may not always be good for our health, spicy blog post are good for the reader’s mind.


Let’s spice up, is the slogan to break the juggernaut of routine blogging.


It needs the gumption. It is needs the audacity. It comes with the courage of experimenting with newer ways of doing things and providing new and fresh perspectives and breaking the monotony of reading and creating that jewel of excitement to explore.


  1. List of Things – This is the list type post. A number is attached to a post. It is an easy to share format. The number in the text stands out. The moment mind sees the number, it figures out for itself and registers it without much hassles. Time is constraint for all of us. More so in the digital space with digital distraction constantly eyeing on us. Retention is the causality. Many good posts get lost in the calamity of attention. To bring the attention back on track these list posts plays a guided role in course correction for readers. It is easy to consume. It is easy to digest. Our mind works in a manner where it wants things in order, things in a format, things in a list. It is able to connect quickly and retain for long. There is a longevity to our acquisition of knowledge. It is way to accelerate our learning-ability.


  1. How to Do – We all keep facing problem. It is an integral part of life and living. Life is a journey of solving problems. We keep looking for solutions. The difference between success and failure is in the way we solve the problem. Successful people solve the problem differently and solve it better, more often than others. This is an eternal quest for right answers. We keep searching the web and if we get the right answer to our question, we are hooked. How to do, it is a step by step process to get to the solution; many times we just need to blindly follow the set of instruction. Yes, the instructions have to be simple and straight. It should not add any further questions to our mind. Complexity lies in understanding the problem, solution lies in its simplicity. How to do is a simple set of set by step solution to any problem, provided we get it right.


  1. Storytelling – It is all-pervading and it is universal. And it just not a format but it is an art. The art of storytelling is not everybody’s cup of tea. Just like we have so many variety of tea from white tea to green tea to black tea, story telling also gets the different flavour based on the story-teller. It is not an easy art form.  It needs practice and it needs more practice, both practicing the format of storytelling and also the practice of reading other stories to understand and appreciate the nuances of storytelling. The story formats are a fascinating way to connect with readers and stories well told remains in the heart and minds of the reader for long. The voice matters. Your voice is unique and it should come out through the characters of your post. The art lies in retaining our unique voice and creating the music in the ears of the readers.


  1. Interviews – This is technically a different format where there is a convergence of two voices, the voice of questioning and the voice of answering. This exchange of thoughts between two minds brings a totally new perspective to the post. The secret lies in the art of questioning. Socratic questioning is a disciplined approach that can used to pursue thoughts in multiple direction and exploring complex ideas in a simple manner. Indeed it is an art. Many times the verdict is skewed towards the answers. The judgment is on how good and how bad the answer is not how good and how bad the question was, if we design the right question we get the right answers and invariably the beautiful answers. The second challenge is in the choice for interview, there has to be alignment of thoughts to the personality of our blog. We cannot interview anybody we like, there has to be a context and there has to be a relevance to our content. The choice is an exercise by itself. It is not always that whom we select may agree to give interview to us. The tone and tenure of the post matters.


  1. Infographics – This is indeed a convergence of text and images, taking the conventional mixer of text and images into a different level. It is well known that text needs that image to get a face-lift to the post. The difficult lies in spotting or getting the right image designed for the post, it has to align to the thoughts captured in the text. It is a tool to make the combination that can be creative and that can be visually appealing not compromising the quality of messaging. Today, there are plethora of tools available to get the blend (text, image, color, line) in place and place it in a manner that is appealing to eye and enriching to mind. Monotony is something that mind hates, eyes dislike and this format has the intrinsic potential to break that stereotype presentation. Many times it is not the product but it is packing that appeals to us, and blog as a product is no execution and it constantly needs that overhauling. This change in orientation is important to bring that different dimension onto the reader’s table.


Today, TECHNOLOGY has changed the way we present our content, the context has changed. It has literally changed the canvas itself, not limited few anymore and we have so many canvases at our disposal.


There is the choice and we have to add our voice.


It is only about how we apply our mind and how much we are ready to apply our mind, it is how much we like to experiment with new things and innovate, it is about how much risk we can take and are we ready to take higher risk, it is about how much vigilant we are and how much we are keenly observing the different things happening around us and how much of that we are embedding in our post to give our thoughts & ideas a new twist and turn.

Much like life, BLOGGING needs that twist and turn that can surprise the reader and as reader we all pleasant surprise in life. We all love pleasant surprises in virtual life and blogging provides that little tinge of lemon and tang of spice in the virtual space…after all variety is spice of real life.



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