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Some posts get classified as pillar posts because those posts have created spikes in your stat bar, and any abnormal growth calls for a lens to check and analyze the abnormality. Good or bad, the abnormality needs to be checked. In case of good ones get the equation worked out, so that you can keep producing and in case of bad ones find the factors, so that you can avoid it in future. The sudden and significant change in the pattern of the graph, the question get asked, what are the factors that contributed to that positive but such a big change in the pattern.


There are many qualifications to similar post;

  • Pillar Post
  • Cornerstone Post
  • Flagship Post

Pillar is a qualification to a post, it is not a product where the formula is known and anybody can produce a pillar product. There is no such machine designed to do the job, it is the mind that has to do the work of thinking. Writing a pillar post is a thinking job not a mechanical task. The performance cannot be guaranteed and can be known only after the publication. The reader’s response is the final verdict. It is after the assessment and only when the result gets declared one can qualify the post to be a pillar post. There are guidance’s by experts and there are guidelines written by many who have seen it and done it. They speak out of experience and experience counts in such matters where the path is not defined and the formula is not proven.

In other words this product has not migrated into the realm of science where one can use the equation, the formula, the logic and get the output. It is beyond such specification. It is still an art and artistic skills get developed with practice and with more practice. The practice of using the tips and tricks suggested by the experienced and by the experts. I am not an expert but I feel I have little experience to share a hypothesis which applied can produce definitive result and initially the results may not meet your expectations but with practice and with time you will be able to meet the feat of producing not just one but one after the other you will be the producer of pillar post and then it is upto you to take charge of the role and become a director. Never easy to direct an upcoming hero and make him a star.


All these counts;

  • The Words
  • The Story
  • The Voice

The talent today is enormous and it is an art to ignite those talents. First learning to produce and then shifting to directing others to perform. It is a journey, it is a transition, it is a process and it is not an event and it is not a destination, it is a milestone and it is definitely a pillar to reinforce the foundation and start building other pillars to be able to build the house of your own, always a great feeling to stay in your own house.


The key features of a pillar post;

  • Substance over Style
    • Styles still matters
    • Create your own style
  • Quality over Quantity
    • Quantity definitely counts
    • Keep producing no formula
  • Show the Value
  • Solve a Problem
  • Keep your Voice
  • Tell your Tale


A word of caution, you may have done everything possible as per the given guidelines but the post have fallen flat and there are many occasions where you would have reasonably done well and all that is required for the post and still may not have a pillar expectation, but you are taken by surprise and you don’t how to react. The post is a pillar. You are grappling with your past failure.

The future has arrived.

You are still thinking of the previous post which had big expectation and it has been a fiasco and you are still trying to dust yourself out of the fall, you are mentally bruised and battered. Though there are not many such cases, any such physical signs to depict the impact of your fall, the bigger the expectation is, the higher is the fall…you need to be doubly careful when attempting to construct the pillars. It is not just the job of the masonry work in the front but it is the working of the mind architect behind the pillar, the architect.

The design matter…


The design need to have the following ingredients;

  • Originality
  • Relevance
  • Usefulness


The design behind a pillar post is science by itself.

This comes as a pattern from the study of successful pillar post and story behind the success. Like every success has a story, you have to start creating your own story and success will follow you. Just imagine you have written a pillar post and how you would have responded to such a situation, a good situation to be in and there is a good amount of feel good factor seeing your own pillar post. Till yesterday you are admiring other’s post and now others have started admiring your’s. Again to remember this is not an event, and you forget things once the event is over, this only signifies the beginning of a great journey, greatness comes to those who know how to handle success and how to give back, how to reciprocate and it needs a good heart to share thoughts and exchange ideas. There needs a lot of preparation and there needs a lot of learning, otherwise there is all likelihood that you might very well fritter away the opportunity the first pillar post opens for you. Pillar posts are gate openers and they just not open smaller gates but they become the trigger to floodgates.


The opening of floodgates brings;

  • Rush of new Readers
  • Series of Backlinks
  • Surge in Search Traffic


It is not about just knowing what all to do increase the probability of producing a pillar post but is equally important to know what all we should not be doing to decrease the probability of producing a pillar post. This is very much like the assumptions we get trapped that to become wealthy we need to earn huge amount of money forgetting even with a decent earning we can become rich over time provided we know the art of saving and science of investment. We get so much overwhelmed by the earning figure we lose the track of figuring out where all and how much we should be investing. A balance gives stability to be healthy and wealthy. Similarly, ensuring that along with what all to do, we should keep a tab on what all not to.


The various things we should not be doing;

  • Show our Knowledge
  • Imitate a Pillar Post
  • Pretend to be Different
  • Language out of Control

In the overall analysis, I just cannot ignore the patterns and the numbers that have already been discussed in length across the breadth of the web. There are stats and there are facts and both combined makes a huge difference in the way we look at the production of pillar posts.


Here are those stats and facts;

  • List Post are more likely to be pillar post
  • Originality of idea and the uniqueness in presentation
  • Adhering to a storyline even when narrating the facts
  • Matters are serious but the tone of dealing is lighter



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Nihar R PradhanBloggingBest Post,Bogging Post,Cornerstone Post,Digital,Flag Post,Pillar Post,Post for Traffic,Successful Post  Some posts get classified as pillar posts because those posts have created spikes in your stat bar, and any abnormal growth calls for a lens to check and analyze the abnormality. Good or bad, the abnormality needs to be checked. In case of good ones get the equation worked...Break the barrier and Make a difference...