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I was trying to recast my blogging journey and I was diving deep into the blogosphere. The more I read, the more I was getting confused.

“What am I doing?”

“What I should be doing?”

I was trying to strategize my journey and was looking at options and opportunities I should be tapping and should be pursuing. I was getting lost in the web vocabulary. Not the words and definition but the use and it’s interchangeability of usage.

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Is blogging a website?

Can blogging be a business?

How to make money?

Can I make money?

Can I follow the guidelines and success is guaranteed?

Is it the right time to start my blogging?

Is it the right time move to be a professional blogger?

All these words and questions was hitting me hard, I was utterly baffled. I was under the impression that with exploration and acquisition of knowledge I will getting clarity and confidence in the endeavor of recasting my new journey, it will be much more meaningful and hopefully, more productive.

The dilemma I was caught how to balance my creative expression and also give a strategic solution.

Am I by attempting to give strategic solution diluting my creative freedom?

It is my creative freedom that is driving me and making me to take my blogging engagement to a new level. The question that I was not finding an answer was can I really go to the next level without a strategic thrust. When I started scanning the life of successful blogger and how they have achieved the level of success and sustained their engagement. There are a whole lot of theories and hypotheses from the experts and the experienced bloggers who have done it and seen it and are speaking from the stage of authority.

I thought I was pretty clear on what I wanted to do and why I wanted to do what I decided to do in blogging.

That the very thought of mine did undergo a sea change, literally a tectonic shift which I had no clue and I had no answer to further clarify my increasing state of ambiguity.  I had acquired so much knowledge. I had dissected so many articles. I had read so many blogging lines, just not the lines but between the lines. I was debating and I was discussing. I was questioning the assumptions. I was on a mission of wild exploration and expanding the horizon of my limited frame of thinking and the way I have been visualizing the space and the form of online engagement through blogging.

Professional blogging is difficult to manage and sustain without resources, it has to generate resources to maintain its existence. Blogging has to wear the commercial hat, content cannot continue to be offered free and have a model that can run the show. For the show to go on, it has to produce the products and services that can be marketed and make money. To be able to create a market for my product I need to have my audience who can listen, understand, appreciate and see the value to put their money and close the sale cycle. I need to learn the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to be able to attract traffic to my blog. I need to learn the Internet Marketing to be able market my blog in the market place. I need to learn the monetization methods like Affiliate Marketing to be able make some money and keep trying and adding other methods.

Checking what is working and what is not working for me and keeping aside those not working and focusing on those that are working for me.

I had remembered that what works for others may not work for me, and this what I was not saying, it was the words of the experts and I had no reason to discount the teaching. I was passionate about creative writing and space to experiment my thoughts and ideas that keep coming and that keep exciting me. I was enjoying my space and I was experiencing the power of creative fulfillment.

Why should I be recasting my blogging journey?

Why should be trying my hand in so called arena of professional blogging? Am I doing the greatest mistake by being carried away the monetary value that I will be getting by this shift?

Is it a reality or I was in illusion?

Is that the perception I was carrying was proving me wrong. I was not ready to correct myself.

It was bordering paralysis with the kind of analysis I was doing, I wanted to do a comprehensive check before I took the final call on the decision to be a professional blogger. I didn’t want to get branded by being a professional blogger I was compromising my creative freedom and get swayed by the monetary benefit that is likely to come with the success of a professional blogger. Though I was getting clearer with further research that it needs a gamut of things to be put in place to make money and make good money and make money consistently, not just one big catch and few here and there.

Not just writing but also speaking.

Not just content but the quality and consistency of quality and production.

Not just one form of format but all including that of audio and video.

Not just online marketing but also offline marketing.

To do all this I have to keep updating my knowledge on technology and the trends that are trending in twitter to the words, those are key to my area of blogging. With all these bricks and blocks it acquires the form of a company, a startup online company.

The business of blogging to succeed there has to proper business model. The business of blogging to succeed there has to be proper marketing plan. The business of blogging to succeed there has to be a proper financial framework in place.

It boiled down to following rules and getting blocked within the boundaries and the boxes. I was convinced that blogging business is about out of box thinking and breaking the rules of the game, playing in your own style and setting your own rules and running the way you want it to be without the conventional stipulation and standards.




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Nihar R PradhanBloggingAffiliate Marketing,Blog Marketing,Blogging,Blogging Business,Blogging Rules,Digital,Making Money,Online Business,Personal Branding,Professional Blogger,SEO  I was trying to recast my blogging journey and I was diving deep into the blogosphere. The more I read, the more I was getting confused. 'What am I doing?' 'What I should be doing?' I was trying to strategize my journey and was looking at options and opportunities I should be...Break the barrier and Make a difference...