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Are you a Writer or a Creative Writer?

This was when someone asked me, are you a “WRITER” or an “AUTHOR”, and what kind of writing you do and how much of your writing is about creative writing?

I was just contemplating what the right title to get tagged or what difference does it really make by attaching the prefix “creative” to writing.  I’d never given a deeper thought on the topic. Perhaps I had taken things for granted, may be little shallow in my thinking. Though I have done it for pretty long time, almost two decade in some form or other tussle with writing.

Many times when we are immersed in certain art form we are passionate about but innocently forget to step back and reflect on the very purpose of the engagement. It is a creative engagement. But have I unknowingly slipped into zone of mere mechanical engagement. There is moment, may be small but it comes in every writer’s journey where the writer has to change the course, take a new route and for few writers it becomes the apocalyptic moment. This time it was for me. But this time I could not escape the reality.

What am I doing?

Is this purpose why I started pursuing this passion of mine. I had to pause and I was forced to re-examine my stand. Though it is alleged that writers escape the reality and build their own castles in the world of imagination, this time I had to face the reality.

It was a confrontation I have avoided for long. Knowing well that it is not going to be easy and there will be wrangles that I have to wriggle out.

“I thought titles matter for writing headlines not for writers.”

“I thought words matters but not for getting the title tag.”

Writer is a writer, how does it make a difference if someone is called a creative writer or an author or just a writer. Though there are so many other tags like aspiring writer, budding writer, established writer, successful writer, academic writing, technical writing and the list has no end. One thing that keeps me fascinated is being a creative writer not just a writer.

Creativity is such an integral to writing but with writing becoming increasingly commercialized and writing getting predominantly standardized with set rules and confined boundaries; the scope to dabble with creative side of writing is fast losing its ground.

“Writings have become rule driven.”

“Writings are straddled within defined boundaries.”

“Writings have developed predictable patterns.”

This is defeating the very purpose of writing and writing was intrinsically designed to be creative in nature. We have lost the creative nature of nurturing the soul of  writing. In the process of developing and deploying in the market, it has lost its core philosophy, the core aspects of creativity and it has been irrationally sucked into the vortex of rational act of balancing between the defined archaic rules.

The very idea of attaching the word “creative” to a writer was to keep the writer constantly reminded of the job of being creative, not just keep writing routine and regular stuff but keep questioning the assumptions. As a writer he is expected to be creative and those who remove the word “creative” from their tag of writer, are consciously deciding not to take up the higher responsibility of constantly being questioned on the role of creativity in their writing.

I felt a difference when I started attaching the word creative to be a writer. I started questioning all my works, is it any form fitting the frame of creativity, is it in the purview of creative work or just a mediocre stuff.

Am I being creative?

What all should I be doing to be constantly creative?

It seems I’ve stopped being creative long time back and I haven’t realized till this question I asked to myself. How come I have written and not being able to examine my creative faculties and evolve as a creative personality?


Writing was the means and I had lost track of my destination.


As a creative writer, I need to question everything.

Why the color of sea is blue and why the colour of sky also blue?

Why can’t it be red?

How would it have looked if sea and sky was red in color?

Why animals to live in jungle and humans to live in house?

How it would have been if scene would have been reversed?

Why the world is divided into seven continents and why the rainbow has seven colors?


Though there are some facts of nature and this is a reality but as creative writer I needn’t be in the real world, I have to create my own imaginative world and in my world the color of sky to sea could be anything and nothing stops me from putting the animals in house and people in the jungle.

“I have to be crazy.”

“I have to be eccentric.”

“I have to be wild.”

“I have to be a constant explorer.”

Why have the hero to be always the winner and the villain the loser in movies and why can’t I reverse the role and see how the world reacts to the role reversal. Meaning matters but in writing I have to keep the space for the reader to question and interpret. The reader should be given the power to connote and make his own inference.


As a writer we are suppose to be different.


“Do different things.”

“Write different stuff.”

But we are slowly and certainly getting into doing the same thing and keep producing the same stuff and result. As a writer audacity matters, we need to break the barriers and make a difference. It comes with big bold and being different, doing different things.

We need to take bold and beautiful steps.

Bold needs to be strong and gutsy, just being bold is not enough to be creative writer, we need to build and nurture a beautiful mind to make the writing different by being both bold and truly beautiful.


Beautiful writing has a soul and a voice, there is empathy in the soul and there is melody in the voice.


It was time that as writer I start seriously looking at the creative side, that has been sidelined, that has been compromised, that has lost it’s relevance in the roller coaster ride of producing writing stuff day in day out and becoming a mechanized writer rather being a real creative writer.

At least hairs have changed their color with time and with climate. Hairs are no more black in color and use to become white when we were old, times have changed and today young people are facing the white revolution on their head, though technology is enabling them to keep temporarily restore their lost color.

Why on earth writers have to work on the specified boundary of black and white and not dabbling in the grey zone.

Sounds crazy, but writers need be little crazy and bit eccentric for being able to be more creative. Writers shouldn’t escape the responsibility of being creative and strive to explore the magical facets of creativity so much an integral part of writing as an art form.

This is question that I have asked to myself is giving me new perspective on being a writer.

Is it that you also feel the same way as a writer?


Am I in mere ILLUSION and trying to escape the truth behind the ELUSIVE creative writing.





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