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There is a life before and there is a life after. Everything we do in life we see a difference in our life. The difference in how we do and what we do and what we achieve and how much we accomplish.


Writing is a wonderful example of that instrument of change.


It changes the life and living forever, it has done to me and it has done to all those who have embraced the body of writing. It is a powerful instrument, instrumental in influencing change through creative ideas and composition of words, no sword or no invasion are needed to bring about such massive change in other’s life.

And that kind of change is not desirable.

It is destructive.

It is antithesis to being creative.

It’s been over a decade of serious engagement in writing that has given me umpteen joy, not easy to imprison the thoughts in word, that I have received from my wonderful readers and many of whom are such brilliant writer themselves and they are speaking with authority have been the catalyst in changing many lives.

I am always inspired and I am completed humbled by their words of appreciation.

My writing doesn’t stand their benchmark still they keep encouraging me. I’m indebted to them. This only reinforces my belief and confidence to do more and do better as a writer, it is not an event and it is an eternal journey of life till death.

I’ve tried my hands on different forms of writing, right from newspaper writing to magazine writing to technical writing to creative writing to publishing book and to writing online. I loved doing each of the different forms and formats. Some are easy to write but challenges my thinking, there are others that is easy thinking but needs hard writing and there are others that need both,  takes a toil in my thinking and makes it tough to put those thoughts in simple words.

What ultimately matters in writing is the subject we chose to write. If we chose a subject that is not close to our heart we may quickly lose it, if we chose a subject because it is trending then we may fall out when the trend changes, if we are choosing a subject we don’t have much knowledge we can acquire the knowledge provided that subject is close to our heart.


Heart of the matter is our PASSION for the subject.


This matter demands that we have to go through the process of self-discovery. To discover our true passion for the subject we would love to spend our life. I’m sure we all have gone through this process many times and though not with this purpose in mind. The purpose of why we want to write and on what we want to write to make a difference in other’s life.

The ultimate goal in life is to “make a difference”, first in our own life and then in others life and leave a mark for others to mark it as their milestone.


“Blogging is writing.”

“Blogging is publishing.”

“Blogging is sharing.”

“Blogging is connecting.”

“Blogging is community.”


Blogging is a medium to make a significant difference in the lives of readers. The galaxy of readers who come with such expectation, there are some who come with a definite purpose, they come for a solution, they come for an idea, an idea that can change their life, they come for an inspiration, an inspiration that can make a difference in their life, and there are others who come to relax, cherish the moment and enjoy our piece of writing.

Writing is something we all keep doing right from our school days and we do so when we enter the corporate world or our space of working to earn a living.

Is the writing we do on a routine basis is the writing I’m talking about… No, I am talking about a different take in writing, a writing that we enjoy doing it.

I am talking about the writing which is creative in nature and writing which is telling a story, writing which is a source of inspiration for us and writing which is changing our perspective, writing which is not only influencing our conscious but sub-conscious thought.


Writing that is mystical in nature and unfold its myriad mysticism as we keep venturing into its den, the den of mystery.


I have a regret, I am not complaining, I am just trying to reflect on my learning curve.  I should have discovered the power and potential of blogging before I published my book. I could have enjoyed the experience of making a difference with my writing much before I published my book.


Writing a book is never an easy task, but a task worth venturing without fearing the outcomes of the adventure into a new territory…


I cherished that task but I realized later the bigger task is not publishing but marketing and reaching out, I missed that wonderful opportunity to have discussed and debated with all my readers before the book saw light of the day. Later I took back my regret, and realized that nothing is lost, it was one way of engagement and now I can explore the other way of engagement with readers, I have the book and the ideas and the connection to share and see the difference it can now make to me and my audience.

The best part being indulged in creativity and involved in innovation is keep trying new ways and means that we have never done and things we have never experimented or experienced.

My previous book was titled as “Makeup and Breakup” and my purpose to break the barriers and make a difference in others life where I can possibly do so through my creative engagement with writing, as others have made huge difference to my life from authors to writers to bloggers to entrepreneurs to consultants…the list is unending though I have to end here.

This has set the tone to start a new chapter in my life, life is an unscripted movie and the script gets written through our daily enactment.

“There is an irony.”

The irony of life…


We have to sit down and find out where we stand in our life…


In reel life we write the script and direct the movie but in real life we stage the drama and write the script which we call stories of our life and when we narrate the story of our own life, we script our own signature…

There is a spectrum in our life.

Extremes are either full of ecstasy or full of agony, and it cannot be a state where we can dwell for long.

In between these two ends of the spectrum where we primarily live our life, we keep searching for the middle ground. It is as aspiration to lead a life depicted in the screen and it is a real challenge to live a life compounded by the constraints of reality, many times reality is hard like a rock and too harsh to confront, we need a break.


We need a space to experience our fantasy and fancy those images and imagery we see in movies.


This is exactly the void that is filled by our passionate engagement with writingmeaningful writing, profound thoughts, telling a story, connecting with our senses and sharing our unbridled emotions.

These emotions get exhausted with the daily grid in our life, and many times it is inexplicably asphyxiating and these emotions also want a reprieve and they want a vent to exit out and get to the nature to breathe the fresh air and energize themselves to keep airing and voicing the views, opinions and hypothesis and perspective that matters. And in the end it is the “passion and profession” that combines to makes a real difference to the world around.


Writing makes an unfathomable difference to the world…that is often so difficult to fathom.


We should keep writing…after all we are making a difference in the society even if it is in small magnitude, the existing radar is not detecting it and everyone may not figure the true significance immediately, the impact will be felt in the future…


By writing we are scripting our role in the history of future



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Nihar R PradhanWritingcreative writing,Making a Difference,Subject of Writing,Writer's Life,Writing,Writing & Life,Writing in LifeThere is a life before and there is a life after. Everything we do in life we see a difference in our life. The difference in how we do and what we do and what we achieve and how much we accomplish.   Writing is a wonderful example of that instrument...Break the barrier and Make a difference...