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Many of us like me make many mistakes, we are mere mortals, one of the mistake we all make in life is mechanically segregating and technically postponing things in life, for instance let’s work first and have fun later. In other words we can pursue our passion once we retire from work.

This is not the right time; we will do it later when the time is right.

The million dollar question remains when is the right time or is there something called as right time, or is it an illusion or are we trapped in an elusive thought.

This is a cardinal mistake we all make.

Blogging is fun and we will do it once we are free from our serious business of work.

We immediately classify blogging.

We don’t take it seriously, thinking it is not a serious profession to pursue, time has changed and today blogging is a massively serious online business model. It is the matter of how we mould the platform to our own requirement.

The opportunities are aplenty.

It is for us to spot and speed.

Waiting game doesn’t work, we will be the laggard and we will only regret.

“Better now or never.”

There has to be a purpose and we cannot escape that reality.

It has to be defined.

It needs self-discovery.

It needs wide exploration.

There is a place for convergence, it is upto us  and we need to locate and let the passion chart its own course. Knowing well that the path to success is not instant solution and it does not come overnight, it needs time and it needs nurturing but the time to start should not be inexplicably delayed and should not be based on preconceived notions.

Any date, any day and anytime is good time in blogging.

The starting matters.

The ignition comes from multiple quarters, and we should tap the various sources of inspiration to get the engine going. There are many things about blogging that is best learnt while on the job of blogging, though there is this informative component of learning but predominate component of learning is that of experiential learning, learning by engaging and learning by experiencing the platform.

Instead of getting into cycle of analysis and that many times leads us to complete paralysis of thoughts.

It is better to keep away and keep the mind clutter free and be clear of the agenda on hand. The topic that is close to us, the topic that our heart loves to partner with and it is there with all of us and we all have our choices and preferences. We should be proud of our choices and it may be anything from a simple cooking recipe to complex technology application, we can start writing on any  topic, it could be wild, it could sound eccentric but one that is genuinely close to our heart.

Then as we apply our mind, we are able to feed our heart with matters that matters to our mind. We can acquire the knowledge on the topic we have chosen, there is no dearth of information, the web is an ocean and we need to be a submarine to go deep inside and obtain the hidden stuff plucked out from the deeper recesses of our mind for the world outside to see and appreciate.

There is an art in doing it, though the science prevails in fetching the stuff, it is the art of presentation and communication that matters and makes the clinical difference in blogging.

There is no prescribed path or written formula.

All that is available to be taken as input to formulate our decisions and decide on our own path, the uniqueness and the originality that counts in the field of blogging, if we start learning quickly from others only then it is very likely that we will be influenced and our blogging will have a strong impression as an influencer. Drawing this line between the learning and applying should be clear though it is not an easy line to draw, there is a fuzzy logic and the fuzziness comes out pretty conspicuously.

It is very much like the dilemma of swimming, when would it be the right time to learn swimming if we have missed the bus at the early age. There are many of us who have skipped or missed learning swimming.

Is anything we are going to lose if we don’t learn, the answer is no.

The analogy applies fairly and squarely with blogging. Is anything to lose if we don’t do blogging, the answer again is no. But by learning swimming and doing blogging are we going to gain anything, yes we are going to gain a lot and gain in multiple ways.

Today blogging has no age barriers.

Much like breaking the barriers of boundaries, blogging has broken the convention of age.

It has no binding on age and it can be started at any stage of life.

One can be the blogger, a successful blogger, sharing his success stories, the story of successful blogger, once he starts travelling and covering a good distance, the path he embarks in his blogging journey, and anytime and much like swimming, the earlier the better.

Yes, we can say that to learn swimming we need a coach and I will agree that to learn blogging we need a coach and the web is the best coach and only when we want to scale up and enlarge our scope of operation it is a good idea to take the guidance and to get someone to facilitate our transition from being an amateur to a professional blogger.

It is then just not about the topic but so much and much more needed to know and understood on the technology front.

There is strong component of technology behind the success of blogging, it not just about the written story but the engine that is driving that stories, how it is presented, how it is communicated, how it is connected to the community and how the engagement breaks the convention and creates a new experience with the readers.

There is no perfect time and there is nothing that we lose by indulging in blogging, only we gain.

Why not start right now?

“Blogging is now or never.”




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