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Next year the very idea of blogging which started in 1997, will be completing two decades…a milestone, it is an important occasion, indeed it is time to pause and reflect back.

Two decades is a long time in the journey of anybody’s life. And in the life of blogging it is big time, any such product in the web world where life span have drastically reduced and now literally counting in months, two decades definitely a long time.

Not to forget what happened a decade back, it was 2004 when blogs became popular, a turning point and today after a decade after the turning point has become a line of transformation in the lives of million associated with the journey of blogging.


The Evolution:

It all started with “weblog” and it got disconnected as “we blog” and this disconnect has connected the real world with the virtual world through the word “blog”.

What is that intrinsic value which has made this blog, to slowly but surely to fire the imagination and catch the fancy of millions of bloggers?

Though it started with recording of personal daily diary, it has moved beyond the personal boundaries and has redefined the way we communicate and converse with each other outside our boundary.

“Boundaries have become irrelevant.”

The very premise of blogging and the basic foundation on which blogging is being built has undergone a sea change, the change which has been “rapid and radical”, even the professional bloggers, those who have blogged for more than a decade have seen the true evolution are experiencing unprecedented revolution today.


The Revolution:

Blogging is no more a close-knit community and cozy interaction between few like-minded friends…it has evolved out of an online diary to a full-fledged online business. Today, it can very well be called as an industry…producing and consuming products and services and creating jobs and has become a driver of employment to economy. There is a paradigm shift in the way blogging was initially conceptualized  to the way blogging today is eventually  getting commercialized .

Nothing wrong in deriving a commercial value out of any endeavor but it shouldn’t be that in the process it defeats the very purpose behind the idea of blogging…to connect, to express, to converse and to share.


Blogging for Search Engine:

Blogging has followed the algorithms of search engines, what is that logic that is fed into the algorithms determines the composition of content. The length of the post, the word count, the type of words, the keywords, the frequency of post, the length and words in content…in the process of writing for getting discovered by the search engine, where is the message and where the essence of the write-up goes, does it go anywhere or is it lost in the process of locating the logic of algorithm.

Google has changed and chopped their logic and content creation and composition cannot be independent on the search engine algorithm.

It is never easy to understand and predict the change in logic but the same time, the content may be rich but unless it reaches a larger audience, the very purpose of publication gets defeated. The purpose of publishing on blogging platform is to reach a larger and a global audience. There are wonderful articles written and published but have lost their way in the cobweb and not getting well-read. Not getting proper response to our thoughts is highly discouraging and writing is a function of appreciation and inspiration we keep getting from the readers.


Blogging is Social Networking:

Blogging has slowly but certainly integrated into the social media, in order to be a successful blogger it is essential to engage with the social circle. The circle is just not limited to the virtual world of Facebook to Instagram to Twitter but it has extended to the real world, necessitating the participation in live blogging events and being a part of bigger blogger community and constantly promoting in the social circle.

As a blogger it is no more a writing engagement it has gone much beyond and it needs an engagement with readers and marketing to get more readers and need to speak out and speak out in forum and public platform in the real world, and being socially active and tech savvy can always use webinars if not able to make for the seminars.


Blogging for Making Money:

Blogging is a means to make money, but in the process of making money, has it lost the very essence of blogging. Blogging is getting marketed as a quick money-making machine. Few steps to start your blog and it is being shouted aloud that it is just a matter of time, and with few hours everyday, sitting back home, one can make multiple times the money one is earning through their current mode of employment.

Blogging has moved from the usual “leisure and casual” form of engagement to a serious business venture. It is now being used as a mode for selling products and services, to attracting and acquiring customer to building big brands.

Blogging has become a career option and blogging is turning into real business venture. There are professional bloggers making good money and there are small business ventures leveraging the blogging platform to set up their business and are making decent money.

Blogging has no more remained a platform to just explore and expand one’s hobby. Though initially it all began as place to document, display and prove the “forms and flavors” of our hobbies and how we can make our hobby more engaging and reach other friends engaged in similar set of hobbies.


Blogging is Multi Dimensional:

Blogging is no more a one-dimensional medium, the one dimension of written text and the print publication. It has explored other dimensions and has now embraced multiple mediums like audio to video, making all our other senses to get engaged and connected with blogging.

Blogging is no more a presentation of text, it has moved in many directions and the manifestation has gone beyond one-dimensional presentation and is making its mark in the form of “audio and video“. Podcasting has changed the way the virtual engagement of bloggers and it has made the blogger’s engagement from being a mere reader to a more of a listener. It is extending the audio medium to the next level of engagement with video through YouTube.


Blogging is Ideation:

The world today is frantically revolving around idea and innovation. The question is how to keep churning new ideas and also how to keep constantly updated with new stream of ideas. Ideas are the rulers. Ideas are the change agent. Ideas are the catalyst. Ideas are the creator. Ideas make all the difference. Blogging is an instrument for fostering idea and acceleration of innovation.

“Blogging at a fundamental level is all about idea management.”

The very idea of blogging is to give idea a space, for getting recorded, for getting discussed and for getting realized. Ideas are intangible. Ideas are transient. Ideas keep coming and going. Ideas to germinate and grow from the seed stage need a fertile ground.

Blogging has provided that ground.

The flow of thoughts from across the world whets the idea and makes the idea to take firm shape. The cross-fertilization of thoughts coming across boundaries create new perspectives. It’s a playground for ideation and idea gets the wing to fly.


Blogging is Creativity:

Blogging is creativity and creativity has always needed new ways to express and experiment itself. Creativity by nature is a dynamic process and creativity needs a place where it can put its different permutation and combination in right perspective.

It is about connecting dots.

It is about differentiating similar things. It is about combining different things. It is about doing different things. It is about doing things differently. It is about both doing different things and doing it differently. It is a process of change. It is a process of transformation. It is a process of experimentation. It is a process of an exploration.

“Blogging and creativity have become synonym.”


Blogging for Solving Problem:

The world is constantly in a state of change and improvement. There are problems all around us and there is problem everyday, and there are problems which keeps changing their colors and we have to keep finding newer ways to handle similar problems and find better ways to solve it.

“Life in fact is a journey of solving problems.”

Some expected, and many unexpected, some defined, and many undefined, some known and many unknown. We are constantly looking for solutions and looking for help to get the problem solved and move ahead in life. We have relied on family, friends and then Google but we have looked at specialized and experienced guys who have gone through and have solved it and have their learning shared to others. Blogging is a wonderful platform for sharing and caring.

Blogging has become the problem solvers.

Type “how to…” do anything and we will get redirected to hundreds of blogs having solutions spelled out and steps written down so clearly and we need to check few more and get confirmed on the right one and apply the steps to solve our problems. Blogging have become doctors in the web world, we keep finding the problems and doctors keep coming up in each such niche area where there are none or few to discuss the issues and solve the problem in the real world.


Blogging for Building Brand:

Blogging is about building a brand, a “personal brand” and yes, today companies are building their corporate brand through blogs. Blogs are packed with rich content and blogs are a community speaking for a cause, creating a value and making a difference, brand associated with such blogs and blogs promoting such brands are getting the lift and leveraging the power of content and community.

The cost of brand building is high and was earlier possible by only few, but with blogs and using power of blogosphere, people with limited resources and reach can make their presence felt and make their brand value count.

Branding is a very important part for success, just having a good product or offering good service is not enough to build the business; business needs the power of brand to drive through the competition. Blogging is changing the contours of personal branding.


Blogging is Testing our Thinking:

Blogging is about thinking, great bloggers are great thinker.

Blogging is the engine for engineering our thinking, if we are into serious blogging and we are into serious thinking. Even if we are not into serious blogging and we are blogging leisurely and at our convenience without much pressure and timelines, still to be able to connect and strike the right conversation with our audience we need to have enough stuff and we need to have our thoughts well-articulated and presented.

It just cannot be done without thinking and without acquiring knowledge. Blogging being a thinking job needs constant feeding of knowledge to make it function properly.


Blogging is making a Difference:

Blogging is making a difference in lives of people through new ideas; blogging ideas are constantly shaping the “views and opinions” of people across the world. Ideas are changing the way we think. Ideas are changing the way we do things. Ideas are changing the way we live life. Ideas are changing the way we do business and ideas are changing the very nature of business, we are doing business through online and we are promoting business through blogging.

“Blogging itself has become a business.”

The very business of blogging is an idea making a huge difference of many lives those who have the passion but never had the means and reach to create any value of it, have now converted their deep passion into a strong profession. The evidence is reflected in the increasing number of professional bloggers.


Blogging is about sharing and caring.

Blogging is about connecting and conversing.

Blogging is truly about “making a difference.”


Nihar Pradhan

Idea Blogger



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Nihar R PradhanBloggingBlogging,Blogging & Branding,Blogging & Creativity,Blogging & Solving Problem,Branding,Creativity,Idea,Making a Difference,Making Money,Online Business,Search Engine,Thinking  Next year the very idea of blogging which started in 1997, will be completing two decades…a milestone, it is an important occasion, indeed it is time to pause and reflect back. Two decades is a long time in the journey of anybody’s life. And in the life of blogging it is...Break the barrier and Make a difference...