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“SKILLS” are such a significant part of our life, and life is a  journey, and we need to learn new skills and keep working on our existing skills to make our life more productive and our living more promising.

There are certain skills that are optional and there are those skills that are mandatory and there are skills in between and we don’t know whether to invest time and effort to make that skill count.

It is not necessary that one need to be a master in many of these skills but it is necessary that one needs learn and one needs to know the basics of skills to build on the proficiency, if and when those skills are required, and it is a rarity that one can master all the skills as some skills are gifted and some skills are learned, and the gifted skills cannot always be acquired.

The listings of skills below are not in any particular order, it is chosen randomly.


  1. DancingWe combine mind and body


We love to twist our legs; we love to swivel our hip and swinging the body weight to the tunes of melodious music. Dance is not just about the physical movement but it is very much about the inner balance. The contemporary classical dances are such well crafted combination of mythological stories and modern music.

It needs the understanding of the culture and the habits and the gestures and the emotions, it is a fascinating blend of stories and steps.

It is a perfect sync of the body movement and the mind management, it comes with practice and it becomes an automatic reflex of body with the flow of music. This gives a wonderful tuning to our body composition and keeps our mind in complete control off the distortions around us.

“The body needs the break…”


  1. SingingWe connect with our soul


I know, it is gifted, and one cannot learn without the gift element and not everyone can sing with the right tone and tune.

It is not about being a popular or stage singer, it is about being able to appreciate the composition, the lyrics and the voice modulation and control.

It refines the voice and gives our voice a force to flow and this can be used in public speaking and becoming a good orator.

Learning the beats and playing instruments are a wonderful engagement of mind with “inanimate objects” and making to speak and connect with the human soul. Generally, this skill is neither considered a necessity nor a demand to learn in our routine life, it is left for the person to try and test one’s aptitude for the skill.

Music makes us feel free and music makes us a complete person and we needn’t be a professional singer nor be proficient in singing but should be in a position to be able to appreciate the essence of music and engage with song.


  1. WritingPlaying with thoughtful words


Everybody writes, it is one of the most powerful mode of communication and everybody has to write it is mandatory but here when I am talking of writing here, writing is about the “art of writing”.

Writing is not merely about the academic writing but equally about creative writing.

Writing is not about business writing but about the business of storytelling.

Writing is not about prose but about the poetry of life.

Writing is just not about putting words into sentences and sentences into paragraphs but it is about embedding the diverse emotions and sketching the different characters, creating a world of your own. Writing is about nestling the right word in the right sentence and nurtured the soul in the right story. It is an intense process of self-discovery.

It is extensive process of wild exploration.

It is a life long engagement with self and a beautiful world of imagination which we otherwise can never visit or can see.


  1. Swimming We can save other’s life


Perhaps the best form of body and mind relaxation, the combination has to come from swimming. We need the activity that can keep us fit and fine. We don’t always stay on the soil or move only on the soil, we do venture and we do adventure into water.

It needs a different skill to stay afloat, though there are life guards and life jackets, but we may not have with us every time.

We need a skill that can be with us every time and we can put to use this floating skill in such eventuality of exigency where we need to save ourselves or we need to rescue someone else.

It is not easy to have the provision to swim.

We need swimming pool and we need to stay near a river or reservoir to do so, and only when we go out for a pleasure trip we avail those facilities unless and otherwise we reside in a place providing the swimming facility. Most of us skip learning this skill due lack of facility and a skill that does not belong to mandatory category.


  1. CookingWe can support our spouse


Many may not agree, and there is a gender bias attached to cooking and many men are clueless but it is equally true with many women who have driven by the passion for career and have given cooking a goodbye.

It is true that with professional engagement many people irrespective of gender are unable to do justice to this passion and skill.

It is not that easy as it normally appears to be and many jump to the conclusion that it is just about adding the product mix, making the recipe and fixing the temperature, pressure and the food is ready to serve.

It may not be a complete science but it is incomplete without an art.

Even to produce a basic meal one need to know the basics of cooking and one need to have tried and experimented to be able to produce a desired result, after all it is the “test of taste” that matters, one cannot cook anything and one cannot eat the cooked up food.


  1. DrivingWe don’t have to depend on others


There is an age limit for us to drive, and it is legal and we must abide by the legal terms. It is not like fish taking to water, many detest driving seeing the speed of the vehicles and seeing the distraction in the streets around the vehicles.

“It needs reflection.”

“It needs control.”

It is needs perfect hand, leg and eye coordination.

It may be easy to learn in an open place but it is a pain to maneuver through the crowded place and control the vehicle in tight traffic situation.

On an uphill, even an expert needs to be careful.

Learning this skill gives an independence from others, the drivers, we just need a vehicle and we need it often in many places that we keep going and whatever may be are occupation. Drivers are not always available and drivers are a cost and more than the cost it is freedom from dependency on others that empowers us.


  1. PaintingPlaying with colorful imagination


Why I should learn the skill of painting?

What will happen if I don’t learn the strokes and the color combination?

A valid question, honestly speaking, nothing will happen, but I have a larger point to make and I need to come with a strong argument to make my seventh skills stand my listing. It is an activity that is loaded with patience and it is activity that hones our sense of aesthetics and heightens our sense of sensibilities.

“Life is not just about work.”

“Life is not just physical.”

“Life is not just money.”

“Life is not just about living.”

Life is about learning the “art of living” and painting teaches us the finer nuances of  living a fine life and living life with real gratification, and a true sense of appreciation of beauty of nature and nurturing our senses.


The depth may vary but each one of us should learn these skills to some degree much early in our life so that we can put it to right use when needed in later part of our life. We never know which one of the skills will come to our rescue and when it does come, it will come as a big relief in case of a rescue situation or we can employ it just for a good relaxation.


One skill could be serving our VOCATION and the other skill could suffice by our AVOCATION.


Life needs all these skills but the degree and depth is not well-defined or permanently fixed, it varies from time to time and from place to place and from stage to stage, but whatever maybe the “age of learning” and “stage of knowing” these skills, it gives us the much-needed confidence and critical composure to craft the “art of living“.

I’m sure I must have missed out some skills which we should learn, life is such big canvas, this is just one perspective I’ve brought onto the table for discussion and like to hear the other interesting perspectives to make the discussion on the topic of “SKILL”, skillfully engaging…

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Nihar R PradhanLifestyleBasic Skills,Cooking,Dancing,Driving,Life Skills,Must Learning Skills,Painting,Singing,Skills for Everyone,Skills to Learn,Swimming,Writing'SKILLS' are such a significant part of our life, and life is a  journey, and we need to learn new skills and keep working on our existing skills to make our life more productive and our living more promising. There are certain skills that are optional and there are those skills...Break the barrier and Make a difference...