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I’m unwittingly living in two different worlds.

I’ve started seeing the blur in the boundary between the real and the virtual space. I find it difficult to divide my time between these two worlds. The priority. The preferences.

It is between the PLACE and the SPACE.

“The physical place.”

“The virtual space.”

Is this dilemma provisional?

I’m in that transit or is this going to be the order of the day, I still don’t have an answer.


Digital Technology is getting embedded into every aspect of my life.


Internets of Things (IoT) are redefining the way I live and the way I connect and the way I exchange information. The sensors are there everywhere and devices have become intelligent and they are alive and communicating, talking each other and talking with human beings.

This is a paradigm shift in the way I’ve engaged with gadgets. The communication is in multiple ways, the communication is real-time and the communication is a constant feeder for taking faster and smarter decisions.

How to draw the boundaries between the private life and public life?

The life between work and leisure time and between day and night, and between food and food for thought, and between learning offline and learning online, and to having real friends to that of having friends who are virtual with whom I’ve never met and never seen how they look and how they behave offline. But they are my best friends…


Wok and Play” has already ceased to stay as two different compartments.


It is all happening in the same place.

Human body and devices are no more occupying distinct places; these devices have become integral part of our life. Wearable devices from watches to glasses are replacing the watches once designed to keep time and the glasses were developed to bring clarity to our depleting vision.

Google is spearheading the innovation in this space, and it is doing so knowing pretty well that future life will be governed and guided by intelligent devices integral to our life.


The usage of words is fundamentally changing, language is acquiring a new personality.


New words are replacing the usage of many old words; the vocabulary is making fashion statement through its digital discovery of words.


Online language is a different breed from the Offline language.


The language is a reflection of our changing life and the way we are interacting and engaging with our community. The community is no more restricted by physical boundary and by our face to face meeting.

It has elevated and extended its wings in the virtual space.

New words have been frantically added to our lexicon and today the digital dictionary is dotted with worlds from the digital space.


It is the mass migration to Wikipedia.


I’ve long stopped seeing the printed Oxford Dictionary, and when I want to check the meaning or synonym of a word, it is online.

It is instant and it is with so much of options to choose from, many times I’m left with no options but to get to know the right word.

I’ve almost stopped reading the physical books.

It is the e-reader like Kindle that has just not replaced one or two books but hundreds of books are now available to me on a click and on the go.

It is just not about the weight I was carrying, it is just not about the ease of accessibility but so much to do from checking the meaning of a complex word to bookmarking a paragraph to creating my notes for easy and quick reference, and research work.


Mobile Apps are my new window to my virtual world.


I’ve started using Mobile Apps for everything from booking a holiday package to an airline ticket to a cab. Everything is done from my small smart mobile screen and it is done anywhere and it can be done anytime, no question of what is the office hour of the service provider to needn’t to go to any intermediaries to get the things done.

The best services are now accessible through digital aggregators.

Location and Timing have become irrelevant as regard many services we are concerned in our daily life.

I’ve started using Mobile Apps for everything from getting grocery to food delivered at home to getting my gifts to gadgets sent to my home. I have long stopped visiting these showrooms, for me these showrooms remains as showpiece. I really don’t know whether everybody visits the physical stores anymore. There is a drastic drop in the footfall count that was once the measure of the showroom popularity.


I have stopped visiting physical banks.


I don’t recollect when the last time I had visited my bank, everything is done through my bank portal and the personalized app, information is available through alerts and notification. The red stars and the typical sound makes me alert to the notifications, the transactions are instantly known to me and I can take necessary actions then and there.


I have stopped using hard currency.


Credit Card or Mobile Wallets are changing the way I’d once use to stuff my physical wallet and was always concerned about the amount of cash I need to carry and what if I need more, how do I manage and where do get, all these questions are history.

Maybe their won’t be any physical currency and as shown by bitcoin, the days are no far off when we will only be using the digital currency.


I have stopped visiting physical education institutions or learning centers.


I get all my learning updated and course taken online, right from the IIT to MIT to IIM to Harvard have made their course available online and many of them have made some of the materials freely available to the masses. MOOCs, i.e. Massive Open Online Courses in digital campus are changing the way I learn and where I learn.


Physical Campus is getting completely replaced with Digital Campus.


I want everything to my  choice and exact need, I want that gift of mine in a particular size, in a particular shape and in a particular colour, today I have to wait and many times I don’t get it as per my fancy choice but with advent of 3D printing technology it is becoming a reality. Human organs will be get generated using the digital technology.


Life is becoming customized and personalized.


Education and Entertainment is converging, learning is becoming more fun and learning is becoming a mixture of multiple medias. Learning is through YouTube resources to Interactive Television to documentary Movies to Info-graphics to High Definition Videos to Digital Games.

These are changing the way we are learning, it is Immersive Technology and all our senses are getting fully active and properly engaged in our learning process.


Learning is now about Edutainment.


Living in two paradoxical worlds are changing the way I behave, I think, I work, I live my life, my physiological system to biological clock is getting aligned to a new form of living and lifestyle. I’m hearing a new music in my life and dancing to a new tune of life.

“Life is getting digitally choreographed.”

I sleep less in the night and work less in the day.

I work less in the office premise and more outside.

I talk less face to face and more on the mobile.

I’m more engaged with the virtual world than with the real world around me.

I even don’t realize that my friend standing physically next me has asked something and I’ve answered to my virtual friend online.


Sleeping less, working less, travelling less, talking less than what am I doing

I’m digitally hooked.


Is it Digital Delight or Digital Delusion?

Do we need Digital Detoxification?



Nihar Pradhan

Digital Evangelist



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Nihar R PradhanDigitaldigital age,Digital Delight,Digital Delusion,Digital Desire,Digital Language,Digital Life,Life and Language,Life in Digital AgeI'm unwittingly living in two different worlds. I've started seeing the blur in the boundary between the real and the virtual space. I find it difficult to divide my time between these two worlds. The priority. The preferences. It is between the PLACE and the SPACE. 'The physical place.' 'The virtual space.' Is this dilemma provisional? I’m in...Break the barrier and Make a difference...