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We all love “CREATIVITY”…


We want creativity in our life, living and working.

Being in a creative state is joyful and being creatively engaged is wholesome fun and it a harbinger of lots of excitement and results in harboring enticement.


“The fun factors.”


Creativity brings higher productivity and greater performance in our working. Creativity is the mystical source of generating fascinating things in our life, doing different things in life and making our living artfully and heartfully more beautiful. The art of living lies in discovering and deciphering the beauty in life.  The choice and use of words to weave the fabric of our thoughts into stories that others can hear through their heart and wear their thoughts to make a passion statement…the inspiring stories of our life, a tale to tell.


Creativity is not an event, it is a process.


Creativity is an integral part of our life but it gets grossly derailed and greatly diluted with our daily grind.

The grind of day today work.

The work to make a living.

The source of creativity gets critically constricted and the sharp edge of creativity gets blunt with the jaggy and craggy grind of daily routine, Hence the mind needs periodical sharpening, it needs the stretch, the stretch to broaden our mind. Mind is the ultimate source of unimaginable creativity and the source of mind always needs the much-needed fodder to feed the thinking mind to act and enact on our discreet actions into concrete creation.

Anxiety, fear and tension clouds the mind and the freedom needed to get the mind freely work gets intermittently blocked. The mind gets locked. Allowed beyond a point this generally results in paralysis of our free thoughts. The creative thoughts…

Creativity cannot function in a clouded and cluttered environment.

The clearance of cobwebs in mind and the clarity of thoughts are so critical to fostering our creative appointments. The creativity lying impotently dormant within us. The world is full of rising tensions, there is an insurgency and there are enough things of distractions that are happening around us to keep instigating our fear and castigating our anxieties, we are in constant search of effective antidotes for eradicating our tensions and erasing our anxieties. In the other words discovering  manageable means to assuage these factors of fear, not at all conducive to nurturing the seeds of creativity.

These negative emotions discreetly eats away the creative recipes that we keep intermittently preparing and in the process nothing is left for cooking. To cook the creative food for thought we need to cultivate the positive emotions and give the right direction and motion to emotions and not get indelibly trapped in the forces of negative energies.


Gratitude plays the perfect part in building our creativity.


We need to work on building the attitude for gratitude. There is a grace in gratitude. This gratitude experienced through a graceful engagement, it is difficult to define. Words has its limitation to confine the profound feelings that comes with being gracious and grateful in life to others when have directly or indirectly helped us in shaping our thoughts and making our life truly beautiful. Gratitude calms our heart and connects our heart with our head; there is a magical harmony between the physiological and psychological side of heart and the mind.

“We cultivate gratitude by appreciation.”

The more we learn the art of appreciation, the better we become as a person. The human dimension is quintessential to our existence. The irony is that we call ourselves human and we forget the humanity in our approach to life and living. With appreciation we open new doors of conversations and connect with people who are good at heart and who are looking for engagement.

Gratitude shows us the way for better means of conversations and paves the way for more meaningful engagement.

Gratitude creates better capacity for appreciation, genuine appreciation loops back to feed our formative gratitude to gain better grounding and build on the growth.


Empathy is another fantastic source for creativity.


There is a difference between sympathy and empathy. It is not subtle but substantive in nature. It is about putting ourselves in other’s shoes that can make us see the world from an entirely different perspective. It then immediately changes our perception of how we look at the reality. Perception is not what the reality is, it is way we look at the reality and each of us have our own set of lens to look and imagine.

“Realities are riddled in the packets of multiple perceptions.”

We need to learn the art of empathy. It is not an easy art, the art of compassion, though we have passion and we keep working on it passionately but we miss the creative canvas in catching the true nuances of care and consideration for others in a manner that can make all the difference. Not only in our life but in the lives of others for whom it truly matters and this touch of empathy of ours acts like a magic wand.


Thinking is the final function of producing creativity.


We cannot stop thinking and we keep thinking like a clock till someone takes away the battery. But it is not about the normal and standard way of thinking that can make creativity count. There is a counter attached to our creative machine, the mind machine. It needs different thinking and thinking differently that can stimulate and simulate “CREATIVITY” to gain motion and garner momentum. If our mind and heart is full of gratitude and empathy, our thinking gets the fuel to fire and cook the right recipe for creativity and the food for thought that gets the wings to fly.

“Fly high.”

“Fly wide.”

“Fly far off.”

Otherwise the food is bland and the recipe is cut and dry.


Thinking needs the real spice to test out taste for creativity.


To get creativity going and growing within us we need to constantly build the attitude of gratitude, enable the empathy and engage in disruptive thinking. Thinking that can take us anywhere, thinking that can make us do anything, thinking that can change our perceptions, thinking that can break the conventions and create newer frames of looking at life and living life differently. The difference in the purpose of our life and for the cause we are living our life.

It is about doing things that we have never done before, changing the playground where we have played and also the rules to play, though the game remains the same but the place has changed and the space to operate has new key to ignite the engine of creativity. It needs a lift.


CREATIVITY needs a paradigm shift…

“The shift in attitude.”

“The shift in sympathy.”

“The shift in reasoning.”


Creativity is having fun. Lots of fun. Creativity is having the heart to emotionally appreciate. Creativity is having the mind to be rationally irrational.  The disconnect to connect. Creativity is going where no one else has gone. Going with a cultivated mind makes the going good to great. The journey of good to great in life is achieved through the mechanism of improvising and innovating creativity itself. Creativity cannot be defined in words or cannot be confined in images…it is on a constant state of wandering the world not just the outside world but the world within us.

Creativity is letting loose and GET going…

G – ratitude

– mpathy

T – hinking




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Nihar R PradhanCreativityAttitude of Gratitude,Creativity,Empathy,Gratitude,Sympathy,ThinkingWe all love 'CREATIVITY'...   We want creativity in our life, living and working. Being in a creative state is joyful and being creatively engaged is wholesome fun and it a harbinger of lots of excitement and results in harboring enticement.   'The fun factors.'   Creativity brings higher productivity and greater performance in our working. Creativity is...Break the barrier and Make a difference...