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Blogosphere is a heady cocktail of multiple advice on how to be a “successful blogger” and how to “make money” through blogging.

“These are catch phrase.”

“They are catching our attention.”

I was intrigued by the noise not by the music in this sphere. I did a serious exploration of this space to understand the science behind the formulas being proposed by many pro-bloggers. The space of blogging is now predominantly subjugated by the technology and the tools not by the topics and the techniques

I agree technology is the backbone of blogging and by playing with technology we can make our blog stand out and fly high. No denying the fact, technology has a significant role to play but we cannot rely only on technology relegating everything else to mere mechanics of management. The content and the creativity really matters.


Blogging is an art and not a science but the technology and tools we use for blogging are derivative of science.


The debate on the art and science of blogging is skewed in the blogosphere, more and more discussion is revolving around the science of blogging and not the art of blogging.

I strongly feel blogging is largely an art and science behind it is a small support.

The topics in blogging are written to suffice the requirement of search engine algorithms not the mind share of passionate readers. Hummingbirds to Panda are deciding what we write and what we include in our writing. This is grossly defeating the fundamental purpose behind the freedom of thought embedded in creative writing. I’m in no way denying the need for extending our reach, we need to reach out more readers, and their is role of technology.

The technology and tools definitely helps but this is very much a support activity but it has been distorted and diverted, and has acquired the center stage. It gives a slanted picture, a skewed view about blogging to the newbies and to many aspiring bloggers.


Blogging is getting excessively hooked to the business of money-making .


Blogging can be a business but blogging is beyond business and blogging encompasses an entirely new perspective and brings a whole new world into the doorstep of bloggers, and in the process if the passion of a blogger turns to be a profession, it is well and good but that is not the be all and end all of blogging.

Blogging is much more…


Do we want to make money through blogging?


In most our cases, perhaps the answer would be resounding yes. The question has an obvious embedded answer and all of us would love to make money and if we can make money through empowering our passion, it is indeed fascinating and it is truly fulfilling.  There is a strong interplay and in the recent time there is a gradual shift in the structure.


It is the “game of passion” is getting subservient to the “greed of money”.


Many of us are getting caught in the wedge between what we love to do and what we are doing to make a living. We are faltering at the start, the starting itself is a problem, we are swayed to take a direction and we are succumbing to take decisions based on the preaching of few successful blogger gurus.

“They are right, perhaps we are wrong.”


Things are so much contextual in this space and sphere.


What is true and successful to one may not hold the same water when applied in another case. There are clues and there are nuggets of hidden secrets of success but not as apparent as it may appear to be, we take things on the face value and many times we lose the plot.

“We need to be cautious.”

“We need to apply prudence.”

We need to appreciate the context and not take just the content without contextualizing the text.

I have a contrarian view.


Listen to all blogger gurus but take our own decisions and follow our own path.


There are tools and techniques that has given wonderful result to the successful bloggers and they are successful because of the usage and they want that experience to be replicated by others, till that it is good but alluring and selling products and services in name of “making money” is not everybody’s cup of tea, that is something I’ve my reservation.

The success is entirely dependent on the personality and the strength of a blogger, nobody else but the blogger himself or herself knows it. The choice of tools and techniques are not universal and cannot be used as a scientific formula for success.

“I must acknowledge.”

Though many pro-bloggers mentions it in their teaching and preaching, and also while delivering their instructions but that may not be enough to act as a disclaimer. Some of us are good at E-mail marketing and they have seen great success with the technique. There are others who are good at their voice and have employed Pod-casting and have made a mark in that space. There are others who are good at content and have made the Content Marketing the key to their success. There are others who are good at interviews and have created a niche in Celebrity Interviewing.

There are others who are good at just providing tips on success to tips on blogging and have done brilliantly. There are others who have covered the news and entertainment and have constantly fed the multiple emotions of readers and have reached their milestones and have never used any other techniques but have been versatile and providing profound message and delivered value proposition through their powerful stories.

It is observed that many of us feel little threatened with the usage of technology. Being a technologist I vouch for it, it was true earlier but with developments of software components, apps, plugins, widgets and drag and drop facilities, graphical representation, info-graphics, the multi media presentations have indeed become a child’ play.


We have lost the child within and hence we are averse to playing with technology.


Just dive in into the technology and you will love it and you will soon be an expert in your own way. Though I may caution you, it is not definitely a cake walk, but so are many good things in life.

We feel it as an alien object, we resist the dialogue with technology and we perceive technology is in the domain of few expert hands and by making it an exclusive experience we have created a demand pool and we are leveraging on the hyped demand. I agree this is a market place and everybody has a right to place its product, price it and promote it.


It is the consumer who is the QUEEN though content remains the KING.


“I am not against it.”

“I merely want to clarify the distortion.”

“I want to put things in real perspective.”

There is no dearth of knowledge in the web. Perhaps it may not be properly organized, it may not be well structured and it may not be crystallized to meet our exact need but it can always be distilled and defined to fulfill our need. We need patience and we need to keep searching.


We need to learn by doing, by experimenting and by exploring.


These learning are unique and these learning becomes our USP, and to do so we have to dirty our hands and do us without fear and favor, I must admit these are not easy tasks and cannot be easily achieved. The achievement depends on our perseverance. The achievement depends on our focus. The achievement depends on our belief. These are universal formulas for success and nothing so unique to blogging as a phenomena.

So, is the question still remains unanswered on how to go about blogging…no, the answer is in the question itself. Just allow our passion to flow and adopt the technology by diving deep and driving our ability, powering our aptitude and making our attitude count.

The core secret of successful blogging lies in learning the “art of blogging” and leveraging the science of blogging, it follows the Pareto principle; wherein 80% depends on the art and mere 20% depends on the science behind it.


My heart lies in the art…


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