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I was in a state of being questioned. I was constantly confronting the question, the question of how to ensure success in blogging endeavor. Is there a formula? Has any hypothesis presented? The questions were widespread and had deeply divided my default frame of intrigued mind. Having been though multiple roles in business , profession and having seen both the test of failures and having tasted success, I had fairly developed a good learning curve for myself. By nature I’m a tad little more curious and anything that is slightly intriguing challenges me and makes me excited to explore that uncovered corner and solve the ostensibly fastened conundrum.


I did an extensive research.

Is there a science behind the art of blogging?

Can we apply a formula ?

Can success be fairly assured?

Is there a code that can connect with blogging?


I was frantically looking for a profound answer not a perfect answer, an answer which will be fairly accepted and adopted to see success in the venture of blogging. The venture could be for personal gratification or for professional gain or a pure commercial game. It could be anything. The formula should be reasonably applicable, only the factor of discount may vary with the nature of the venture.


Blogging success is a fascinating function of the following four simple factors;



Blogging is a community. The community members have different place to hang out and they have other interest and they would love to interact with members having similar interest. I may be blogging on creativity but professionally may be a copywriter. I may be blogging on internet marketing but personally love playing the game of chess. I may be blogging on startup and entrepreneurship but maybe freelancing business consultant. There are wheels within wheels. There are these sub-groups surfing in these large groups in the coined arena called blogosphere.

Networking is about discovering groups and sub-groups, connecting, communicating and conversing in a way that is dignified and drawing them to be friends. Though it is important to keep up the decorum and building the relationship within the given boundary is an art, and we need to keep learning that art of conversation and connection.

Networking is not an easy skill. It is something that doesn’t come naturally to all of us. Some have it and others need to develop it. The art of networking, I needn’t have to touch on the various social media (Facebook to Twitter to Instagram) available and how to use those tools to accelerate the process of networking.



Blogging is engagement. There is no purpose in just getting the visitors to the blog and not knowing what to do with them. It is like calling your guests for a party and not knowing what to give and how to interact. It is very important to set up a mechanism to make the welcome warm and cordial. They should feel at home. This includes many things from the design to colors to the navigation to the display, everything on the landing page counts. A good designer factors in many of those aspects which makes the visitor at home. The theme and the technology.

The first impression is an important one, second comes the experience they are having with every minute of their presence in the blog space and third it is the greatest aspect of value they are deriving with this engagement with your blog. The reader’s engagement is essential to the growth and success of the blog. I needn’t have to talk on the combination of visual component to text in terms of graphs, graphics and infographics.



Blogging is synonymous with writing. Many of us get lost between blogging and writing. Blogging and writing gets interchangeably used in the web. It is understood that writing diaries on web is blogging. This is at a very generic level. But if we look at a fundamental level blogging is content creation and content creation is nothing but is an extension of creative writing.

Just take writing out of blogging, it is one more website.

It is just not any writing, it is one of most difficult writing form as the target audiences are far and wide, with lesser level of understanding to high level of understanding, the spectrum is wide and catering to the needs of different level of users is a real challenge.

The use of language.

The choice of words.

The combination of sentences.

The simplicity of explanation.

All adds up to make the real difference being a successful blogger. Blogging is about writing and writing skill is critical to the success of blogging.



Blogging has a voice. It seems it is the odd man out in the group. How come speaking is a factor of success in blogging where the platform is a virtual one and the primary mode of conversation is through written comments and forum participation. This was perhaps true in the early stage of blogging history when other mediums were insignificant or were not in existence, things have changed thereafter and changed radically, today other mediums dominate the scene.

The advent of YouTube to Podcast to Webinar has redefined the rules of the game, the game of blogging. Most successful bloggers are part of the major blogging events participating and speaking their mind out and making their statement count. They all have started series of Podcasting not about themselves but about others in the form of interviewing. Time has always been precious and now with so much to do, it has become limited in same 24 hours, activities have expanded exponentially and the clock has neither expanded nor has reduced the speed of travel. Given the constraints and limited space to maneuver our thoughts, the mind gets hooked to things that are different and that are helping us our other means of knowledge acquisition.

It is about the power of listening, and the convenience of listening; and both has come in the form of podcast. The power of voice and the flow of energy with face to face contact and communication that has become so easy with webinar, just little technical arrangement and with few clicks you are there and your power of voice transcends.


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Nihar R PradhanBloggingBlogging,Blogging Secret,Blogging Success,Podcasting,Public Speaking,Social Engagement,Social Networking,Webinar,Writing  I was in a state of being questioned. I was constantly confronting the question, the question of how to ensure success in blogging endeavor. Is there a formula? Has any hypothesis presented? The questions were widespread and had deeply divided my default frame of intrigued mind. Having been though multiple roles...Break the barrier and Make a difference...