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Take a Break

It is advised that to be a good writer one should write everyday and keep writing without break; I’m not against the verdict from highest court of writer’s forum. I love to write everyday but writing is just not about writing the words and forming the sentences and building the paragraphs; writing is more about thinking, writing is more about visualization and writing is more about inspiration.

Though there is an argument that if we keep waiting for inspiration we may never become a writer, how do we then align the different components of writing? If we try to do it first and then attempt to arrange and organize the different pieces of writing, we are mechanizing the process of writing, and drifting away from the very process of creation.

I keep facing the situation where I don’t feel like writing and if I write I try to force fit me into the situation to be able to produce something creative. Every time, I did, I had to call my sub-conscious mind from vacation and it used to be a forced break from vacation and my mind did return reluctantly receiving the urgent call notice. After doing several times I have realized that after all what for I am doing the writing and why am I forcing the mind to do something for which the mind is not ready.

As in life where we either allow the crisis to hit us or we design crisis to make us learn how to adapt when face crisis, the later is a better way to handle the crisis in life and learn the art of living. Writers are no exception, either we wait for the writer’s block to hit us or keep taking induced writer’s break to refurbish our mind’s wardrobe. When we allow the writer’s block to come accidentally to us we are not ready to face it and we generally get restless and helpless in handling the situation. The results are predictable though the incident is accidental.


The question is; how do we do it and when do we take the break?


There is no such protocol or no such pattern that is universally applicable, it is individual specific and each writer has his own pattern and can form his own protocol. It comes with experience and it comes with experimenting with break, some form of break with certain duration makes the break more productive and we bounce back with more vigor and more vitality. The place, the time, the frequency and the magnitude of break needs rotation and the change needn’t be defined and get confined to one followed path or fixated process. Breaking the break itself and getting the break adapted to newer style and adding newer dimensions to break is the bedrock of building a robust foundation for creativity and writing to go hand in hand.

Writing is a process of synthesizing diverse ideas and ideas come from different quarters and ideas come when we give our mind the freedom to wander.

It happens when we are doing nothing;


It happens while on a casual stroll in the park, it happens when we are sitting the balcony and sipping a cup of coffee;


It happens when we are just enjoying the shower, it happens when we are on a vacation in a far off resort, it happens when it is a weekend and we are still not out of the bed and the sun is hitting us hard and it happens when we provisionally burying all our worries and start cherishing the moments of serendipity.


A break in writing can be a harbinger of brilliant idea that can leapfrog our destiny to wonderful destination.


Yes, ideas can change our life forever, and as writers we keep negotiating with different ideas and we accept some and we reject many and there is no definite reason or rhyme but the process of dealing with ideas never ceases to exists, we never know the idea that we rejected had the potential to change the society or the idea we choose may not have the desired value we adjudicated it to be, it is all in the game of probability, in the selection and rejection of ideas. Some we loose and some we gain, and there is no such thing as zero-sum game, but more so it lies in our skill of execution and empirically proven data states that we execute our ideas better when we have taken break.

Taking break is also about breaking the conventional rules and being unconventional is about doing different things and also doing it differently, new ideas come when we break the rules but there is danger of not knowing when to stop breaking, otherwise we get lost and even we land up breaking the very foundation that we have built our premise of convention. Though break helps us garner information and make us connect with people and places which otherwise we wouldn’t have done. We don’t take break because we feel we will be left behind and others will march ahead. We don’t take break because we feel we are busy and by being busy we enhance our position and projection. If we take break and we are enjoying our life, people may not take us seriously and people may question our work, we feel guilty that when others are working why we should be taking the break.


Writer’s are no exception and writers get entangled in this debate of to break or not to break, how much to break and when to break and is it right to take a break at all.


There is no such writer’s definition of what the break should look like, it could be anything; just walking in the nature to talking to a friend, drinking coffee to sipping tea, reading a mystery book to watching a romantic movie, singing your own song to dancing to your own tunes, listening to melodious music to playing in the open ground to acting to self-written plays…

The list of general set of activities and engagement for break could be any form of disengagement of mind, for the mind to be mindful of things that can make us more creative, more productive and meaningful engaged in our process of writing.

It would be fascinating to hear your experiences on writer’s block, how is your experience with break and how do you make your break count in your writing?



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Nihar R PradhanWritingBreak from Writing,Breaking the Writing Rules,creative writing,Ideas and Writing,Improving writing through Breaks,Writer needs Break,Writer’s BlockIt is advised that to be a good writer one should write everyday and keep writing without break; I’m not against the verdict from highest court of writer’s forum. I love to write everyday but writing is just not about writing the words and forming the sentences and building...Break the barrier and Make a difference...