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The very idea of reality is something I love to contest.

Reality is unfair.

I get questioned for taking that stand and I haven’t changed my standing. I want a life full of fictional characters and life where I live with art and never give my heart any touch of hurt and keep away from the conflict, the confusion and the discrimination and disturbances in life.

This is a question that has haunted me for pretty long. I tried. I don’t stop. I keep trying. I have failed. I keep failing. I’m still searching for it.

I haven’t yet got an answer.

The question is where do I live my life, my heart pulls me into the world of fiction but my head keeps me grounded and I cannot escape the reality and I keep facing the reality check, the moment I attempt to extend my stay longer with the fictional characters like Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte to Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert.

I love to get lost wandering in the corridors of fiction and fantasy.

I indulge to get immersed in the music of nature, the sound and the silence of life, that equally get measured and monitored in the natural world….“The Sound of Silence” song by SIMON & GARFUNKEL.  The same sound gets distorted and I keep hearing the cacophony the moment I climb down from the fiction to the real world.

Reality is harsh.

Reality is tough.

Reality is truth.

Reality is where I live though I manage to take a break and walk into the world of fiction. The fictional characters with whom I talk and I walk , while hearing the music, watching the movie, reading a book or just being in an imagery world created by me for that very moment. The movie AVATAR, James Cameroon eye pooping characters caught between the idyllic aliens and insatiable human.

It is so fascinating.

It is so immersive.

It is so beautiful.

I incessantly want to get a permanent citizenship in the wonderland the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, I have been trying for the passport, and unfortunately there is no such provision in that space. Such is the irony I can become an astronaut and get a ticket, and enter into a spacecraft to escape the force of gravity and get a taste of the fictional reality in another planet but not into my own fictional world. It has always remained elusive.

The moment I am back to office and into my work, the reality catches me and the files, the folders, the customer queries and the hard business questions keep coming at me without any mercy and without and any measure. I have to face it. It is hard and I hardly have any time to pause and show. But when I sit down away from the office and away from the official work, I realize how things have changed from then when I was young and had not shouldered the responsibility…the responsibility of earning and the responsibility of paying the salary to employees, the responsibility of patiently hearing the hard questions from the client, the responsibility to ensuring that the statutory compliance of the company is in place. I am employer but it doesn’t make much difference if I was an employee, I would still be holding responsibility and leading a life facing the reality of business world and employment.

We all want to escape from the reality atleast once in a while if not all the time…

I want to escape the reality not that I want to be an escapist but I want to live a life engaged with the fictional world, the world that deals with art and music, the world that deals with writing and painting, the world where imagination and inspiration play with fun and joy, the world where thoughts get the fabric to form a dress and a code that can make passion statement. Yes, it is the world where passion plays freely and pursuing the passion becomes a reality and where there is no barrier to break the ground reality and breach the space of elusive fiction.

There is the movie “The Great Escape” by John Sturges but no such movie on “Escaping the Reality”, though in true sense we all go to movie to escape reality of life, we relate to characters in movie and we may still remember Steve McQueen as “The Cooler King”, but real life characters keep coming and keep going.

The characters from the fiction book come out and start living a real life with me, I love to talk to them, I love to use their power and create magic in the real world. I don’t want to lie and I have surreptitiously attempted to employ those magical powers of fictional characters and create a difference in the lives of so many people who are suffering. I have no answer when I meet them and they keep questioning their state of fate. Though I become helpless and whenever I get chance I into the fiction characters, though it may sound quite self-indulgent but I do to get myself consoled and get my soul satisfied that I have done my part.

I may continue to sound silly and my argument may be shallow, but that’s how I am and by doing so I am no way hurting anyone but attempting to help myself before I could help others.

Imagine for a moment when we wake up and we are informed that we are no more alone in this UNIVERSE and we have discovered life in other planet and there is space for life in between, our’s is not anymore a lonely planet. In fact NASA has said life beyond earth is within reach…it will no more stay in the realms of fiction but become a reality. Science is almost breaking boundaries and we are seeing the immersive technology converging reality and virtual space and we are experiencing Augmented Reality (AR).

I love to be around the art world, the visual art, the performing art, the art that takes me away from the real world and makes me reach the fiction world. I love the music. I love the songs. I love watching the abstract painting. I love the documentaries. I love the anecdotes. I love reading the fictional stories. I love residing in the book. I love moving with the movie. I love being lost in the tunes of music, I hate changing the tone.

The tone of art that resonates with me everytime I connect.

The connection of my soul with the craft of art and the aesthetics of beauty and bounty of life beyond the boundaries of reality, I want to escape into the space of fiction but still be connected to the reality. Is there an alternative space in between and can I ever create a space for myself in the fictional world. The escape from reality is a true relief from the worry, the anxiety, the stress and the strain that has no answer but I keep looking for an answer and I keep searching for the place and space…it is evasive but being sometime in that mode of mystery makes the life bit more mystical and living a life of profundity.

Is our access to reality through fiction or fact, how much fact and fiction work on each other to offer the space to fathom and figure out the reality of life…It has always been considered that reality and fiction are two opposite ends of same spectrum, and through movies, books and arts we venture to make this two ends meet. But the real question remains…

Is there an ALTERNATE space?

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Nihar R PradhanLifestyleAlternative to Reality,Fiction,Fiction and Reality,Fictional Character,Fictional World,Lifestyle,reality,Reality CheckThe very idea of reality is something I love to contest. Reality is unfair. I get questioned for taking that stand and I haven’t changed my standing. I want a life full of fictional characters and life where I live with art and never give my heart any touch of hurt and...Break the barrier and Make a difference...