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Yes, the question is how do we make a difference?

The difference in other’s thinking and the way of living, and making them to think better and live a better life. We live in a prism of fallacy that only big people and great personality can make a difference, lesser mortal like us are helpless and clueless. Small people cannot make a big difference.

This is a flawed belief.

We hesitate to question. We are reluctant to face the reality. We are trapped in our stranded mindset. How to liberate from the strangulated assumption and take small steps toward breaking the barriers and making a difference.


The Assumptions:

We become servants to our assumptions. We no more remain masters of our own fate. We look at our fate to decide our destiny. Assumptions drives our decision and actions. Assumptions have a context and it makes sense to base our decision on certain assumptions as everything cannot be based on facts and figures. But over time we tend to ignore the context and carry forward the assumptions and keep taking decisions that are stripped of context. It makes no sense. Just by questioning the assumptions we can change the way we look at things and act, making a difference in the way decisions are made and action are taken. It needs no currency to make a difference.


Being Rich:

We will make a difference only when we have cash in hand and only when we are rich, another trap we invariably fall prey to. We have to break free from the thought with money and only rich people can make a difference. To make a difference it has nothing to do with money or being rich. One can argue that having cash and by being rich one can make a bigger difference, at the same time other can argue that there are hundreds of people who are stinking rich, rarely have they done anything that can be attributed to making a difference. The argument can continue endlessly as there are stories to both side, and it is degree and the depth of story that may vary.


Right Time:

Is there a right time to start something to make a difference, there is no such thing called as right time. For making a difference anytime is good time and the question doesn’t arise when to start. The question make remain what to start and what can make a difference. The factor of timing in making a difference is irrelevant. It is immaterial. What really matters is, are we starting something to make a difference now and what, not when and how…


Different Ways:

Making a difference comes in multiple forms. The form could be in sharing a story to inspire others. The form could be in sharing an idea to make others benefit out of it. The form could be presenting a case to solve a problem. The form could be guiding someone to come out a crisis in life. The form could be lending one’s ear to listen and lessen other’s agony. The form could be a good piece of writing to lift other’s mood. The form could be a free advice that can change the way one thinks and change the way he is living his life. The form could be sharing a beautiful picture and bring a smile in other’s face. The form could be sketching a lovely piece of art on canvas and igniting one’s imagination. The form could be anything and there is no limit and no boundary on how to make a difference, the challenge is in the thinking and breaking the barriers of assumptions.


Complaining not Contributing:

Another trap we get into is that of complaining and not contributing, if we keep complaining where the space for contribution is. The quantum of contribution doesn’t matter, it is the intent and extent of contribution that counts. To start with, it is the small contributions that makes the big difference, all big things have happened out of the small steps taken in our life. We discount the power of small steps and the smaller contributions. To make a difference we have count on small things in life and big things follow the path of small contributions. This can happen only when we stop complaining and start contribution, not thinking much on how much and what to contribute, the beginning is important.


The Empowerment:

There is a power in the empowerment. Everything we cannot do. So what do we do, we should empower others and support others in doing what we think we should have done. Many don’t know how they can make a difference. They are ready to do but they don’t know what to do and how to do. Identifying people who are ready for a change and are ready to contribute and make a difference. The ability lies in spotting these bright spots and empowering them to work the small ideas and make a difference. Honing and nurturing that ability to empower others who can make a difference is in our thought and action, it is here within not outside with somebody else.


Gift of Giving:

There is a power in the giving. We have the habit of taking and hoarding. We are possessive and we want to own as many things as we can, we are in constant process of acquiring and stocking. Reversing that thought and looking at life how to give back and in what way to give back, it is not always about money and material, it is about sharing and caring. Sharing a part of our income with someone who cannot earn. There are disabled people who cannot work to earn. Caring for someone who has none to care for. There are aged people who don’t have children or relatives to take care of them, they need us. There is hidden joy, the joy comes in giving what we have and what we get back has no measure.


Silently Listening:

There is tremendous power in listening. One of the biggest challenge in our life lies in how to become a good listener, once we become half the problem get solved then and there just by being a silent listen. It sounds as the simplest thing in life to just listen. In reality this is the most difficult task we all face and we don’t know how to handle it and we avoid, we ignore and we act and in the process we bungle it miserably. By being a good listener to others and apply appreciate their work, we make a huge difference in their life. This little words of appreciation makes a world of difference in their life, it is difficult to fathom and figure the difference we have made in their life just by being lending our ear.


Empathy not Sympathy:

To be able to empathize with other’s pain and being with them is a big difference we make in their life. How many times we have been with other’s who are suffering and others who in times of sorrow. We may not able to properly recollect and we have merely remember few and realizing that we have not done enough. Realization is another big thing in our life by which we can make a small difference in other’s life, we realize our mistake and we realize what we have not done and we should have done, is wonderful thing in life which create wonders provided we started empathizing with others rather being sympathetic. It is not about playing with words. The words matter and using the right word at the right time we can make a difference in the way the message is conveyed and the way it gets interpreted and understood.


Nihar Pradhan

Making a Difference



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