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The Stories

Stories are what defines our life. Never easy to confine ourselves to just any story, it has to be a good story. And good story has to be intrinsically embedded with good ideas. Stories by nature are a beautiful manifestation of good ideas. The question is not about ideas but about good ideas.

It comes. It goes.

We search. We scan. We fumble. We falter. We constantly look out for ideas.

Are there any enough ideas? Just not any ideas but good ideas…

It is not always visible. It is not always easily accessible. It doesn’t always come when we need it. There’s always a question mark.

The question about discovering good ideas to nurture good stories…

There is a different side to the same story.

The question…

Who said there is dearth of ideas?

Incidentally, ideas are never in shortage. Ideas are omnipresent though invisible. We are short of memory to keep a tab of the flowing ideas. We all are volcanoes of fabulous ideas…it keeps bubbling, it keeps rollicking and it is effervescent. But ideas by nature are transient. And it needs a vehicle to ride the world. Writing a story is to give wings to the idea to fly far and high.

Short Stories, Creative Writing, Writing, Creativity
The instinct

Ideas just cannot be caged in an imaginary prison for long.

These ideas are constantly looking for means to manifest into beautiful stories. The art lies in the craft of shaping those ideas into stories. The ideas innocuously lying there in our sub-conscious mind. It is dormant. It is in a passive state. But how does it awakens and migrate onto the conscious mind. It is this stage where it can get the fuel to fly. It can see the light at the end of tunnel.

What is the standing of a story without the character?

Characters are the heart of a great story, not to undermine the role played by plots and dialogues. How to create characters that reader can connect? The craft of character creation resides in the art of imagination…the writer has to feel the character for the reader to experience the characterization.

These multiple components structures the composition of a story…stories are what the character creates.

The question…

How to create a character?

How many characters should we create? One, Two, Three…Major, Minor…Main, Support…lesser the better, but never easy.

How do a plot and a character intertwine?

How does a plot reveal a character?

The introduction of character is vital to the vitality of the storyline. We just cannot land the character anywhere and at anytime in the story, it has to be appropriately placed and produced to aptly fit into the overall theme. The role of logic is no less, in fact it is equally important in creativity, the heart of the matter is in the harmony. Though the imagination sketches the outline but the interpretation has to have the substance to fill the body of the story.

The question…

How to plot the story so that the reader keeps wandering what will happen next. The page tuner…

The conflict is a critical component of a story. The conflict need to go through a roller coaster ride; it shouldn’t be straight and simple. It should keep the reader guessing. It should plot to play with the array of emotions of the reader. It should make the reader determined. It should make the reader angry. It should make the reader upset. It should make the reader helpless. It should make the reader question the move and not make him get the right answer to match.

Dialogues are such an integral part of story, character and plot cannot stand the ground without strong dialogues infused into the scenes. Dialogues are what makes the character stand out, dialogues are what make the scene memorable, and dialogues are what truly defines the contours of the composition.

The question…

How important is the setting and the context of story?

How significant is the timeline and the essence of timing in storytelling?

What is the problem that the protagonist is solving?

Is the problem simple?

Short Stories, Creative Writing, Writing, Creativity
Long & Short

If so it may not excite the reader. If it is complex, it is never easy to simplify the complexity in a story, it needs deeper thinking. The character’s ability to apply his mind. The character’s imagination to look from different angles. The character needs to do things differently. The surprise element… It excites the reader. Getting the right spot to place the plot and then unravel the hidden muddle.

It’s the mind game, we need to play the role of an idea generator and interpret the logic behind to make the idea work in front. This is an art. But it is the heart that makes all the difference to a story, imagining of stories without the whiff of sentiments and tinge of emotions, is like creating a human body without the flesh and blood, the skeleton can make the structure but it cannot make the system work. It needs the fluid and it needs the flow to keep the unit in function.

The question…

How to translate an incredible idea into lovely story?

The genres are nothing but another form of ideas, we can present a story with humour, with romance, with tragedy, and with mystery…here again is an art to craft an idea in different genre. The composition of story needs the skill of crafting the form and flow to produce the right musical note. Any distortion can result in noise. There is this thin line to keep the noise and the music apart.

Storytelling is an art but the craft lies in the alignment of the heart with the mind to produce the right match.

Beautiful stories are like symphony orchestra…when all the parts are in perfect syn the story becomes a lovely music to listen.

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Nihar R PradhanStoriesArt,Character,Craft,creative writing,Creativity,Dialogues,Plot,Setting,Short Story,StoriesStories are what defines our life. Never easy to confine ourselves to just any story, it has to be a good story. And good story has to be intrinsically embedded with good ideas. Stories by nature are a beautiful manifestation of good ideas. The question is not about ideas but about good...Break the barrier and Make a difference...