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What is the fun of blogging without the feedback of reader…it is life without spice; because they read, they reply and they share…it creates a space to engage and enjoy. It is the engaged reader who makes the blogging blossom…the meaningful discussion and the scholarly debate, and the emotional connect is the essence of the relationship between the blogger and the reader. But there are finer nuances and many more layers that are involved in building a good relationship between the blogger and the reader, here are few facets:


Blogger not wearing the reader’s cap…


Bloggers are also readers, how different are readers who also wear the blogger’s hat. Is there a difference in their behavior and nature of response, or do they also act in similar fashion and enact in the same manner as the other non-blogger’s reader does? This is a question we must have encountered but in all likelihood we must have skipped or just ignored, its significance is not conspicuously felt as it is perhaps not easily fathomable as it is perceived to be.


Reader without experiencing the role of a blogger…


Yes like others, I was just a reader couple of years back without wearing the blogger’s cap, I used to read blogs without realizing the pain and brain that goes behind a post…I was unaware of the depth and the diversity that was concealed in the blogosphere as I had never gone deep diving into blogging, it was one post here or it was another post there, depending on my random search and scan of web I used to read…if I felt it was a related post of my interest or relevant to me I used to step forward and would give a good read not just glance over it. I always perceived it as one more form of personal expression nothing professional about it, wherein I used to question myself how do I judge and evaluate the validity and veracity of the facts and figures in the blog.


Blogger readers are not from different planets they are like any other reader…


I as a blogger reader like any other reader is also subjected to mood swing and mental saturation, the ability to digest a certain set of thoughts and being able to absorb few ideas at given point of time, so it happens some time I may skip some posts not because the post was not good but I at that point of time I was not in the right mood and didn’t have the mental tenacity to go through…I was exhausted and hence I exited from exploring further. This is true for all. I realized that all posts will not get the same kind of response, and there are occasions where I had expected that the post will generate good dialogue but has disappeared without much debate…and there are posts which I had least expectation has turned out to be marathon runner. Multiple factors contribute to the success of a blog post…some are in our control and many are outside our control and command.

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Blogger wearing the reader’s cap…


Now, I as a reader with blogger’s cap started looking at the post from the blogger’s point of view, I look into how much has the blogger researched the topic and thought through the analysis, what all new dimensions has been brought onto the table, what is that message, is it profound enough, the tone of communication, and how much thinking has really gone into the art of  articulation and the craft of composition of the post…as every post that I publish I try to go through the a routine and follow a ritual which I keep reviewing and improving based on the feedback that I keep getting.


Reader’s general ignorance of not being a blogger…


As a general reader before I took the role of a blogger, I was not much aware of the anatomy of the blogosphere…the categories, the genre of blogging, the type of post, the nature of writing, the frequency of publishing and the aspects of ‘commenting’ and how significant is the ‘like’ button…I had a ringside view of blogosphere and now when I have inside it, my appreciation and my perspective of the platform and the posts have radically changed, and it is of course my increased exposure to the community and my enhanced experience with the platform that has contributed to being a better reader, and also my augmented ability to respond in a more meaningful and much more engaging manner.


Being a blogger reader can read the blogger’s mind as a reader…  


When bloggers come and read my posts and share their comments, I try to look into various aspects of the perspective that I do and go through when I am reading other’s post…how much time somebody is spending on my post, have they fully gone through and is the feedback general or specific, is it just few standard words or is it broad enough, is the comment rare or regular, is the comment has a chain that continues or it breaks abruptly without any prior indication. The connection that starts with a like or a comment builds on to a long term engagement depending on the quality of thoughts exchanged and the frequency of exchange.


Trust and emotion are an important part of this relationship…


Trust matters and truth stands the test of time and worst of time, communication and expression revolves around the clarity and the conviction we carry with us and that we exudes during the exchange of thoughts, and blogging is no exception as the essence of blogging is in the clarity of communication, and the depth of expression we establish with blogging community, a very powerful and thoughtful members are part of this community, they love the profound thoughts and like the post written with passion…Emotion counts and the reflection of right emotion can make or break a post, unwarranted emotional stuff disconnects and lack of it doesn’t connect at all. Blog post has a personality and it needs to represent the intellect and the emotion, a balanced representation presents powerful personality…

Blogger, Blogging, Creative Writing, Readers
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Here are few blogger personalities acting as a reader, doubling up the role; love to hear your perspective as a reader and a blogger…it was not easy for me.


Types of Readers;

  • Engaging Reader
  • Entertaining Reader
  • Eclectic Reader
  • Erudite Reader
  • Elite Reader


Types of Blogger;

  • Fun Blogger
  • Frequent Blogger
  • Food Blogger
  • Fashion Blogger
  • Faithful Blogger
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