Mpower is the “M” factor in the pursuit of purposeful blogging…

~ Nihar Pradhan

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Blogging is a colourful Journey

As we think, so we reap, the age-old saying…is what we belief and accept as a means to living a good life. We all have adopted different means from good reading to traditional writing to religious meditation to think positively and to think better. We constantly look for newer means to make ourselves think more meaningfully and also get our mind engaged more purposefully.

Blogging has this inherent magical power to help us self-discover and at the same time it connects us to the world around. It creates a beautiful bridge between the inner self and the outer world without any hassles of those conventional barriers of age, gender, colour to country restricting us from building connection and establishing communication.

Here are ten purposeful objectives why we should blog and it not possible to cater to all these aspects when we want to start our blogging, we can choose two-three objectives and commence our blogging journey and there is no order of preference or priority to do so in the ensuing list of objectives, just a decision based on our own strength and interest…and we can always modify and later add to the blogging objective list.

  1. Mode of Expression – Expression is an integral part of our existence and it has taken multiple forms with human evolution. In this digital world, blogging has evolved into a very power mode of expression. We have been expressing our thinking and feelings through talking or writing or painting or singing and now it is blogging…
  • Express yourself as you are without any manipulation
  • No rules binds or curtails this mode of free expression

2. Manage Ideas – Mind is on a constant mode of thinking and this keeps on generating ideas and these ideas get evaporated in the thin air unless it is regularly recorded. Blogs keeps a tab of our ideas if we are regular in our blogging it can become a harbinger of innovation.

  •  Blog becomes the repository of new ideas
  • Online Diary for all your thoughts & actions

3. Mobilize Opinions – We would like to hear other’s views on the topic we write and give opinions on various topics others write. This exchange is magnetic in nature. The comments in blogs become a great and logical extension on the topics with newer dimensions that we would have loved to have articulated and added.

  •  Opinions matters when we want to initiate change
  • Blogs is a wonderful vehicle for building opinion

4. Make Connection – We all love to get connected to the world around and the connection is what comes with liked minded people around the world more special as otherwise it would have been impossible to reach out. And the connection through blogging is stronger as it in intellectually engaging compared to any other forms of social media of connection.

  •  Connect with completely new set of people
  • Connect to create and build business opportunities

5. Market Products – We make products to be sold and we always look for means to reach out to more buyers. Reaching out needs interaction and sharing more about our product. Unless others know about our products, they just cannot buy it. Blogging on our products makes our product reach out to wider potential buyers.

  •  Company can promote its product to global market
  • Individuals can create a niche market for themselves

 6. Mentor People – There are many people looking for suggestions, guidance, advice on various areas and specific subjects. If we are an expert in certain area, we can share our experience and knowledge with others who need those valuable mentoring to give a tender push to their career or a thrust to take off their venture.

  •  Students look for career guidance from successful person
  • Startup looks support from established entrepreneurs

7. Make a Difference – Few of us are fortunate in what we have in life and many of us are unfortunate and have little things to drive their life. They need help and they need support. We can make a huge difference in their life just by raising our voice and supporting their cause through blogging. Blogging can pave a powerful support to societal revolution.

  •  Fight for injustice – Cruelty on animals
  • Support a good cause – Educate a child

8. Musing with Web – We have hobbies, and hobbies are a fascinating facet of our living and we all love to spend our time and more time on exploring and expanding our areas of interest. Blogging can be a delightful hobby which has multiple benefits from fostering better thinking to better writing to be a better person.

  •  Breaks monotony of routine thinking & pondering
  • Makes way to reflect and realize a little better

9. Meaningful Dialogue – Mind is a machine and it needs substance to substantiate its regular functioning and to keep us enriched and meaningfully engaged. Once we are in the blogosphere, there are so many minds at work that the constant dialogue with prolific minds and different mindsets makes us intriguely hooked and interactively engaged.

  •  Intellectually engaging for social transformation
  • Insightful exchange on forming economic solutions

10. Make Money – Ultimately any hobby or an activity of interest which we pursue needs some form of recognition or reward to sustain. And an interest which is almost free to pursue and brings with it immense potential to make good money breaks all our general conventions that pursuing our hobby we generally cannot make money. Pursuing such writing hobbies in the digital space is just not about making us happy but also helps us earning decent money.

  •  Join the Google AdSense
  • Try out with Affiliate Programs

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