“Content is the currency of the modern marketer and the social sales person…”

– Jilly Rowley


Content is Currency, Digital Literature , Writing
Information is Currency


Currency has been evolving over centuries, from just being a medium of exchange to buy things to shaping civilization through currency conflicts. Currency is a strong connection between civilizations, an idea which has defined the economy and business between countries. It is well established that the ‘power of currency’ measures the power of dominance of countries; and country’s strategies to sustain the current of their currency through business of economy…US dollar currency’s comparative value is a statement of supremacy of US economy in the international market.

It is difficult to imagine an alternative mechanism that could have taken the role of a currency other than the commodities. Though it has acquired different forms but the significance of currency has grown in leaps and bound with globalization. Currency is no more confined to conventional terms of paper money; it has expanded and acquired newer forms. From being just paper & metal coins, it has transformed to plastics to electronic cards to virtual software, the structure and the substance has changed, and it has changed fundamentally.

Today, in forms of “Bitcoin” to “Content”… these new currencies are determining its dominance in the virtual world…contesting the domination of conventional currency. These different forms are redefining the way currency has been interpreted and being used for ages, it is setting new terms of reference for exchange.

So what is “Bitcoin”?

Bitcoin is literally cash for the virtual world. It is digital money and is a consensus network in the digital space that enables a new payment system. It is the first decentralized peer group payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority. In fact nobody owns the Bitcoin network much like no one owns the technology behind email. Bitcoin is controlled by all Bitcoin users around the world. Bitcoin can only work correctly with a complete consensus among all users. Bitcoin is new virtual currency.


How can “Content” be a currency?


Content is figuratively cash for the digital world. It is the digital presence and the presence in today’s digital age counts significantly. An individual to an institution to a company cannot escape the digital space; content is catching them, content is the currency… From a mere static web page to more dynamic website, content has become an integral part of our life and through rich content that the results in better communication with the digital netizens…content transforms into the value of currency.

Content in digital space has multiple means to manifest itself; making content more interactive and interestingly engaging, and the means are evolving in terms of simple web page to webinars to podcast to widgets to blogs to e-newsletter to e-whitepaper to e-mails are changing the way content is being used as a different digital currency…is breaking conventional definition of currency. In the whirlwind of multiple manifestations of design, deployment and delivery of content, the very content itself has lost in the bargain for better presentation.


It is after all the content in the “content”, that decides the message and meaning to the target audience.

Sharing content in the web world enables connect…it builds on the engagement and creates better experience for the web users. Digital space is about power of connect and essence of communication between users, communities or interest groups. Content has broken barriers of physical confinement and have built relationship beyond geographical boundaries though virtual disruption. Content is not about the ‘text’ management only but it has extended and has encompassed images to voice to video in the form of content.

Social media, it is shaping and influencing everything we do in the web world…Facebook to YouTube are building our social network. We connect web to search for just anything, to get information from millions of the content that gets created on a daily basis, and mining the insights from the ocean of data.


Content management is no more a mere art of communication, it has become a master of science.

Content is Currency, Digital Literature, Writing
Generosity is Currency


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Social Media Marketing (SMM) to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is engineering the marketing of content and its optimization of reach and use. Counting the keywords to checking it’s density in page to distribution of the density across pages…data is no more just data, it has become metadata and data is becoming the new form of currency.


Once ‘Search’ or ‘Social’ were separate sphere of operations have now converged to optimize the connection and the content on web. ‘Content’… creates connect and currency.


SEO works through search engines. SMO works through social media. SEM is a universal term that covers all aspects of search engines to gain higher search rankings for marketing. The secret of search resides in the content. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is different from social media optimization (SMO) which like SEO uses specific techniques and different methods to build web traffic. SEO is a part of the overall strategy of SEM framework. Like optimization, SEM includes using keywords and link management to increase the webpage exposure and user engagement.


In all the social platforms, it is the content that is the common denominator…and the currency of content is established through search optimization and social marketing.


Mobile is today’s magic wand.  The mobile count is on cusp of crossing the human count on this planet, a milestone of far reaching significance which has already redefined the “man-machine” relationship. Earlier content was limited to the desktop webpage, but gradually content has extended to tabs and pads, still the reach was limited but today with mobiles, it has become universal and the spread of content is on the fly and available with every individual hooked to mobile network. Content is being capitalized on web mobile…


Mobility, the ability to go anywhere and do anything, and is the freedom mankind always aspires, convergence of internet and mobile is the answer to the technology innovation. “Mobile Content” is becoming the powerful medium, and organizations are realizing the currency of personalized content as each individual can be target marketed.

World has moved into the virtual space.

Content is virtual Currency.

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