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Is blogging same as writing, meaning “real” writing?


It is a question gaining significance with rapid growth in blogging fraternity. Are the purist writers immune to this fractured debate that blogging is not real writing? The discourse has evolved into two classical schools of thought – one that blogging is all about writing, and the other is creative writing is qualitatively different from constant blogging.

Superior arguments have been built for and against the case of real writers as bloggers; arguments from each school of thoughts are carrying reasonable meaning to hold their ground. But with ground breaking arguments that bloggers are also real writers and greater counter-arguments are flowing thick and fast from the other side that real writers needn’t blog…the discourse is gaining its decisive direction.


So, what is the fundamental difference between both, if any and what the similarities between these two forms of expression are?


The essence of writing is the “freedom to express” and express in a creative fashion the idea, the imagination, the inspiration into tangible form of book to blog. The creativity should not have any rigid boundary. Writing cannot always be confined in the guise of pre-defined rules, establish conventions or customary practices. Writing has to be a free flow of thought, and should find its own way for articulation and expression…whether writing in general or blogging in particular. Now blogging as a stage is breaking the very rules of traditional writing, and enabling bloggers to create their space to carve whatever they think and feel onto blog…traditional medium of publication never allowed it to be that way.

Blogging, Writing, Blogging & Writing
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Primarily blogging is a modern form of publishing medium. Like any other conventional medium this medium also needs subject matter to be published. Is the “quality of matter” same or there is a greater scope of flexibility in playing with the matter. Unlike other mediums of publication such as traditional books to print newspapers this medium has little control or lesser restriction on publication. The publication here is instantaneous. The reach here is global. The engagement is mostly interactive and almost enticing. The very nature of this medium by being immediate and universal, it breaks the barrier and makes a market place for itself. It not only contracts the time aspect in terms of speed of reach but controls the cost effectiveness of delivering the story.  The advantage of global blogging community provides a global perspective on the published blog is inherently a major lacuna in the traditional writing and publication of story.

Blogging has emerged as a new platform to promote writing.

The scope for writing and the space for publishing otherwise were very restrictive, and few have the privilege to put their writing onto publication. The very means to publication acts as a major deterrent for many talented and budding writers to showcase their work, and to further the growth of their passion for writing. Blogging is now a panacea for many who do not have the access to the traditional means of publishing their work.

Writing and publishing a book is altogether a different game.

This cannot be instant. This needs a structured process to be followed, and also needs to pass the test of publisher before it can reach the ardent readers. It is a project of medium to long-term planning ranges from a year to many years of solid research, creative conceptualization, swift articulation, actual writing, and much needed re-writing, professional editing to independent re-editing till the manuscript evolves into a purified product that can be sold. It is just not about quality of writing but the quantum of efforts for making it marketable.


Writing is passion for most writers but book is a product and publication is prodigious task not every writer’s cup of tea.

Blogging like writing is a “creative activity”, though it is an innovative means which makes many of us obsessed and feel satisfied; a happy feeling in doing the activity. Yes, we do so because we feel good about it, but many others do it because it provides an opportunity to earn money. A passion one can convert into a profession. Conventionally opportunities have been very limited in making one’s passion one’s profession. Blogging provides close to a perfect platform to connect with a large and wider audience, and build a community of like-minded people irrespective of caste, creed, colour and age & location. The interactive attribute inbuilt in blog sphere between the blogger and the reader is binding in nature and building in feature.

Blogging, Writing, Blogging & Writing
Conventional Writing

Blogging is relatively free of cost. We need not have to spend a single penny to start and manage a basic blogging service for enjoyment and engagement. Even if we want to make the blog bigger and better, the cost of expansion is minimal and facility is exponentially expanding. But blogger needs basic understanding and usage of internet technology. Blogging is technology drivenknowledge of content management system, search engine optimization to web hosting to domain management makes blogging a better experience. Writing in conventional media like print magazine to newspaper or a book is not free of cost if you are not a recognized writer because you have to earn it to get your story published. The space in conventional media of writing is limited and the access is controlled.


After all any writer writes to tell the story to the world and wants the reader to engage with the writer. Readers are the most critical drivers in contributing to the growth of the writer, a piece of writing is priceless if it has influenced the readers to appreciate and connect. Blog sphere provides technology edge for that instant connection and interactive exchange of views and opinions…but conventional writing space is framed.


Blogger is also a writer may not be a “real” writer but all writers not necessarily are blogger.

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