“Travel…the best way to be lost… and found…all at the same time”

– Brenna Smith

Lost in Travel
Lost in Travel

Travel has always been an integral part of our life from time immemorial. We have been travelling for business and leisure. When on leisure we have our activity worked out and when we are on business we have our schedule planned out. But today business travel has taken strong precedence over the leisure travel…almost most part of our travel we are on business trip. Travelling spans from short trips of few days & weeks to long trips of months and years…time duration in travel makes lot of difference in the travel. We are at different places, at different times, meeting different people, interacting with interesting personalities, walking from one location to another, transported by cab from hotel to airport to hotel to meeting destination, and waiting at an airport & spending hours on plane to days on train…such travel time needs engagement. Waiting for long hours for a delayed flight in an airport or sitting hours on a long flight for a long duration tests our patience and puts us in pain in passing our time…perfect fodder for disengaging us. We all explore our own ways of engaging for the passage of time during travel.

For ardent readers, what better companion can be than books? Books have been the best companion for travelers. In fact many of us make the best use of travel time for completion of our book marked on our reading agenda. The range of themes reaches us and topic touches to the multiplicity of our mind’s need. It takes us into a different world. A world imagined and sketched by the writer. We get swiftly absorbed and lost in the plots and immersed in the sub-plots of tantalizing storylines. The confined space in a plane limits our option, we cannot talk to strangers, we cannot sleep for long, yes we can consume so much…we cannot connect on net though we can connect to music but all of us are not music lovers. We feel time get static. Mind gets restless in this motionless state. Mind needs meaningful engagement. Nothing can be better off compared to the diversity of book at our option to choose and explore the depth of the story.

But we are still left with enough time to while away on our travel. For many general observations around us becomes the best engagement…simply gazing at the flood of incoming travelers, peeping at what others are munching,  fascinated at the sense of their fashion of few to laughing at the lack of common sense with many. We observe the travelers in the airport and on the plane. Its fun watching different people with wild and wide expressions…few first time travelers faltering at each stage; missing the baggage tag, not knowing what to put for the security screening, fumbling the belt not knowing how to lock it, looking at the airhostess not knowing what to ask. There are others who are frequent travelers exhibiting over confidence and communicating with all and engaging with easy. They are not confined by strong inhibitions and deterred by weak assumptions. They follow the set of routines which best suits their travel…they have tried and it is tested to pass the test of their travel time.

Time during Travel
Time during Travel

Many of us are wilder explorer and propelled to wander in wonderland. Normally we don’t find time to see and buy things at our place of station. There is a subtle but significant paradox. It seems time is in short supply when we are in station rather than when we are on travel. On a travel into new place we love to scan the shops, the scenes, the surrounding at each location…near to our hotel we stay, next to the waiting area in the airport, on the way to our hotel or for that matter on a general evening exploration of the new place.  We check out for anything new and for anything different…new things attract different people.  

We all need an eye for exploration and mind to investigate the unexplored. Some of us love picking up simple masterpieces out of passion, some of us gather complex artifacts for our collections, and others ask for the unique things and check for the specialties of the area. This process may be part of quenching our quest for life, may be just part of knowledge acquisition, may be interesting part of harboring of our hobby, and not necessarily always the part of our grand investment or a mere general expenditure. Money matters. But money is not the only means to make our spent of travel time meaningfully engaging and magically exploring. Mind is over matter. It can just be an inquisitive exploration of the history & geography of the place or an interesting discovery of the culture and customs of the people.

Frequent travel for business is no easy business. It takes huge toll on our body and mind. Different night different places, sleep is the causality, many of us suffer from insomnia. Hours of travel in seating with same posture…fatigue stifles us. Mind tied with business deadlines and long drawn meeting and quagmires of unanswered questions. Stress builds with every travel without success and with extensive travel. Few of us release our stress with meditation and curtailed exercise as a routine part of our travel regime. Travel doesn’t become a deterrent to our routine for a regular traveler. We re-route our travel thoughts to time our pre-schedule engagement. Just to disentangle our mind from getting unwarranted entanglement with mindless things on seemingly timeless journeys.

Timeless travel makes us restless…rest in travel is essential. Essentially travel is tough and tight when there is no break. It breaks our tenacity to continue travelling without engagement and exploration other than business. Making few leisure travels between many business travels breaks the barrier of toughness and tightness. Travel with interaction with interesting people, observation of inquisitive things, investigation to know about new places makes time in travel more meaningful and sometime profoundly momentous. The very ethos of a traveler is rooted in exploration of travel time and discovery of time in travel

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