We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are.” 

Bill Watterson

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Real View of Digital World


Today when we are watching a movie on the small or big screen, we are less on the story more on the stuff. Passion for fashion is on the go. We watch the dress, the glass, the gadget, the art and the snap moving in the movie… and we google it. We take a click and what’s up it. We get a nod from our circle. We tweet it and get the trend. We switch on, and go online and the order is placed. It also triggers a food for thought. We love the pizza in the picture; the burger was king size in the movie. The family suddenly seems famished. The app is up and the pizza cuts and bread slices are booked through the latest click to order fast food app.

With the advent of small screen and rapid consumption of fast foods sitting in front of it like a couch potato, we have created a market for the product called as “physical detoxification”. Periodical physical and spiritual detoxification with yoga, meditation, art of living, it has become a pressing part of our existence. We stress ourselves to stretch and we consume in excess of everything, and put ourselves to the mercy of physical & spiritual detoxification therapy. We believed that’s boundary. By the time we realized.  Internet has started knocking the door and rocking our mind space, before we could fully exercise the process of physical detoxification we were getting trapped in the digital addiction. The birth of one more product titled as “digital detoxification”.

How much time we spend on the digital space? There are few riveting stats that conceal more than it reveals. We spend more time in digital space than we sleep. Not a surprise that insomnia is the order than a disorder with us. Reflection is a blessing but deflection is a curse. We spend more time in looking at our smart screens than looking at our natural surroundings. Our mind is on a constant zone of digital distraction. Our finger starts involuntarily tweaking and twitching even though we are offline. Our nerve function is dependent on both sensory and motor fibers, sensory stimulation evokes motor response. Without any internal or external stimuli if it happens, it is an involuntary impulse which we can better paraphrase as digital desire.

Going for a nature walk, watching the birds flying, gazing at star in a clear sky, seeing the sun rising and setting defines the soul of our life. The constant nagging of emails and alluring social media are stealing our time from ourselves and robbing us from thinking, and thinking creatively. We are spending long hours in front of computers and typing on word processor and calculating on excel sheet. Spell check is robbing us from spelling the simple words and excel calculator is robbing us from doing a simple multiplication. It is time for us to get up from our chair and start moving. In this digital distraction we have ceased to appreciate the essence of our existence.

Can we spare a day without mobile? Can we stay away from the net? Can we spend couple of days without venturing into the world of social media? Can we earmark some time without chatting or texting? Can we withdraw ourselves from posting and uploading? Can we live a life without digital dependency?


Digital, Writing, Digital Detoxification, Digital Literature
Digital View of Real World


Answers to these questions provide the answer on whether we are suffering from excessive digital desire. Even in the absence of digital technology life was beautiful and we loved our life and cherished the world around us. We can enjoy life without over dependence on digital technology. It is conscientious decision and needs our conscience to act. Do we need and how much we need digital detoxification? Like few other problems in life this also has tag of stigma attached. You don’t have a Facebook account, you don’t use your email, you don’t have an internet on mobile…we are tagged. There are a deluge of counselors and psychologists working overtime to overcome this digital disorder.

A vacation break was giving a forced digital detoxification. Predominately places were out of signals and out of connection, forced to spend time with the nature. Natures are getting nurtured with digital spread. Whether we like it or not? Satellites are catching up. Holidaying resorts are getting invaded with digital streaming. Even on a vacation we need digital map to guide us, we are lost in location search. Vacations are no more the breather, are slowly losing its grip on digital detoxification. So how do we expect being in the center of any city we can escape the grip of digital desire? It has been a futile attempt. Many have tried and have failed miserably. There is the need of new specialists and special centers for treatment of digital intoxication.

Digital Detoxification is all about reconnecting to self, seems a gross paradox in the hyper connected digital world. Getting to know our fellow human’s beings a little better, getting to explore the surrounding in a more engaging manner. To be sensitive to the external stimuli and to stimulate our body, mind and heart is the art of simulation of digital detoxification. We need to buy time from ourselves, yes you read it right, from ourselves, to pause and ponder a while in a world that is moving faster and faster. And spend those stolen time on physical exploration in jogging the park, fishing the pond to creative engagement in painting to writing to acting to signing for self not for others.

Digital Detoxification is small detour, to re-balance our digital and non-digital life, at the end of it we have to once again enter into the digital world of emailing, chatting to posting and uploading. We feel invigorated and inspired, when we go through the digital detoxification. We need to re-balance the equation of life so that we get best of both world… co-existence is inevitable and our existence is redefined.

Disconnect to Reconnect…

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