“Digital makes things feel more real, like you could reach out and touch them.”

–         Michael Mann

 Delight, Delusion, Writing, Digital Literature
Real Delight


As we open the window to the digital world we close the door to the real world… a fascinating irony of today’s world…  Microsoft window has redefined our life. Our working, living and thinking has changed. Technology is the transformer. Windows are no more just a part of our real houses; these have also become an integral part of our digital devices. These are opening up doors to newer opportunities, in the digital world.  A delight!

We are popular social animals, we love to interact and mingle with members of our community. But the paradox is that we have become unsociable with obsessive engagement with the revolutionary social media. Social media enables social interaction of real people in virtual place. We are now living in two different worlds. But the duration of a day remains 24 hrs. The more we are in the virtual world the lesser time we spend in the real world. Offline is becoming the exception and online the rule. We have restricted our venture out into nature. We have reduced our walk in the park. We have cut our direct talk i.e. face to face. We have increased our type and chat. A delusion!

We are digitally squeezed between the idiot box and the smart pad. Devices are becoming smarter and we are becoming stupid. Devices are becoming slimmer and we are becoming fatter. Burgers and pizzas are ruling our gastronomical domain. Devices are becoming inter-dependent and we are becoming dependent. Net is connecting and we are getting connected through social networking. Tasks are getting multiplied and we are getting merged with multi-tasking. Chatting on mobile apps, talking on speaker phone and listening to music on earphone…we are oscillating between the delight and delusion.


 Delight, Delusion, Writing, Digital Literature
Digital Delusion


Real faces are an illusion and real books are a mirage.


Kindle has become the book reader. Facebook has become a reality. Face recognition technologies have started analyzing characteristics of face images and imaging technology is redefining our understating of medical science. It has significantly enhanced the man and machine engagement. Life now revolves around faceless faces in the books of faces. Love is replaced with likes. Read is replaced with feed. Bag is replaced with tag. Postal is replaced with post. Delight is getting replaced with delusion.


Digital world is not devoid of the touch of virtual reality.


We get to touch the white apples and the black berries. Yes, it is a matter of time we will experience all the seasons in the digital world. Mango and orange will not be out of range. We are broadening our digital band through digital broadband. The real world is getting narrowed in the broaden highway of digital world. Videos are getting streamed as smooth as the flow of a lovely stream on the 3G to 4G broadband highway. Tubes are becoming the stream. You Tube is defining our sharing of videos. Delusion is becoming a delight.


We have stopped slogging and started blogging.


Basic physical exercise is getting eclipsed with broad mental extortion. We are immersed in technology diffusion. Technology is absorbing us; we are getting sucked into the digital vortex. Though our character defines our personality in the real world, but number of characters is defining our communication in the digital world…micro blogging is defining our messaging. Traffic management is no more restricted to the streets of our real world. Traffic flow is a delight in the blogs of virtual world. Is it delight or delusion?


Digital world is changing the usage of language in the real world.


The use of English language is getting misused in digital lingos. Emoticons and Abbreviations are becoming the rule of language. SMS, ASAP, Smileys, MMS, ‘u’ for you, ‘ur’ for your, ‘4’ for for & ‘2’ for two are becoming an integral part of the digital dictionary…texting and messaging uses the combination of language letters and mathematical numbers and facial symbols in a manner that ruthlessly breaks the rules of real world communication. It is neither delight nor delusion but it sheer distortion.

Real world photos are a delight, but are getting morphed in the digital world creating a delusion. The art of photography is getting crafted into the digital world using Photoshop and Photo editor. How much is real and how much is craft, remains the question. Nevertheless, digital moments are beautiful. But how do you share your captured moments with your families and friends? In digital world it is instant, Instagram is there with a click, and options are many and with a flick you are there with the Flickr.

Quest has been the drive for human discoveries in the real world. Search for continents and search for constellations. Voyages have been stretched and discovery has been sporadic. Search in real world is a delusion. But search in digital world is a click away…just Google and discovery is a delight. Search for anything on the real world and you have many things to screen and select in the virtual space. It is a deluge of digital information, delight for some and delusion for many.


“Mobile is the digital gateway for the real world.”
 Tomi Ahonen

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