“Art is more godlike than science. Science discovers; art creates.”
―John Opie


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Science & Art

Artists and scientists are breed of their own. They are eccentrics, they are lost, they go crazy, they are obsessive, they are inquisitive and they are wanderers. They set their own agenda. They define their own rules. They choose their place. They work with their pace. They create their own world.

Scientists represent the rational part of our society and artists represent the creative part of our society. But both work towards moving the society forward. They move the society by thinking deeply and imagining widely. They search the known and explore the unknown, in different ways and in their own style. They express their thoughts and examine their ideas, the scientist does so in his laboratory by conducting experiments and the artist does so in his studio by working on his canvas. They need their own space to work and pace to think. They are master of their own timing and thinking.

Art and science are two different fields working on opposite end of the same spectrum. One with generalities and the other with specificities, one with abstraction and the other with absoluteness, one with love and the other with life, one with virtuality and the other with reality, one with visualization and the other with vitality & vigour. But the spectrum has a common ground where both the fields dabble in grey matters to represent things in black and white. One presents the unanswered questions on the canvas in black and white and the other answers in black and white the questions still unanswered.

Artists and scientists are a product of the prevailing and evolving education system. Not necessarily true. Many are who they are, without the process of undergoing the formal training from the education institutions. Our education system provides the opportunity to take up either the art or the science as an option to pursue. In general science gets the preference and choosing science stream is considered a privilege.  Our education system predominately deals with the subject of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Scientists apply logic to build algorithms. They use mathematical formulae to build scientific models. Scientists are immersed in data, analysis, graphs, correlation and patterns. This system of education is coined as STEM representing the stream of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It is an applied and integrated approach to these subjects. It is about using science and technology in addressing and solving real life problems.  Educationist, thinkers and policy makers have started observing and realizing that problems solving needs increasing role of different dimensions of arts and economics in use.  Art in particular has started getting the new perspective. Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) has started championing the movement with a coinage STEAM i.e. STEM+Art.  The objectives of the STEAM movement are to transform research policy to place Art + Design at the center of STEM, encourage integration of Art + Design in education system and influence organizations to hire artists and designers to drive innovation. It is being believed that “Art + Design” are poised to transform our economy in the twenty first century just as science and technology did in the twentieth century.

Art & Science,  Creativity, Writing, Creative Writing
Art & Science

Artists work towards deeper understanding of the world and environment around us. So are scientists. But artists understanding get reflected in different forms of expression which is different from scientists.  Writing, singing, dancing to painting and sculpturing becomes the vehicle of expression by artists. On the other hand scientists use models, methods, experiments, hypothesis, and synthesis to express their work. There are many things difficult to understand and decipher using the scientific language; these are perception, perspective, impression & intuition. Artist use the visual image and creative language which helps scientists in understanding things apparently indecipherable. Some scientists venture into the realm of artistic world when they are stuck and so are artists when they are stuck they venture into unrelated scientific concepts to spark newer ideas.

Both are gifted. They are gifted with the power of intuition and imagination. They create. They invent. They are a precious group. They set their terms. They normally define their degree of interaction and engagement. They find it difficult to engage with people outside their community. They are always on a voyage of self discovery. Questioning the assumptions, questioning the perception, questioning the status quo, questioning the things around them and they are always in the process of relating & correlating through visualization, realization and aggregation & assimilation.

Yes, as a breed they are different people but have huge similarity in their approach, thinking and working. Though their products are different but their final outcomes remain the same, to discovery and innovate. Rare combination of both the skill creates wonders and they become wanderers. These wanderers are known to the world in the form of Albert Einstein… was also a pianist and violist and Leonardo Da Vinci…an artist and an inventor.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
by Leonardo da Vinci

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