One of the ways to reincarnate is to tell your story …”

 – Spalding Gray

Self Story
Stories in the Picture

Every individual who dawns this planet has a story to tell. The beauty is that every story is different. Though there may be similarity but differences are distinct. We don’t have a choice of choosing our parent nor our place. It is the question of accepting and adapting. Only when we grow up, we detach from parents and move to places.

The story moves with us.

Nobody in this world knows more than what we know about ourselves. Most of us feel that our story is common and don’t attach the significance it deserves. Hence few make it uncommon by playing with words and others break away assuming it as a common phenomenon with no value.

Each of us should tell our tale.

We don’t have the power to judge its intrinsic value. It could just be an inspiration for one individual who develops the power to change his or her world, and who knows he or she becomes the inspiration for the whole world. After all it’s the individual who have changed the world through the influence of their inspired story. You are the protagonist of the story.

Self story is a reflection our life.

We need to pause and introspect on our life journey. The lessons learned and lecture delivered. It is to change our perception and share our perspective. It is a wonderful opportunity to get into the heart of our matters and manifest our experience which the generation next can gain. It is about organizing our memories in a manner that provides greater meaning and bigger value to the society at large.

Self Story
Same Scene but Different Story

The amalgamations of factors are so diverse and divided that it is a sheer impossibility to have exact re-prints. Life doesn’t have a print option or copying facility. It is produced through re-production and each has its unique code. The codification is based on the religion, the colour, the creed, the physical look, the body structure, the language to location. These components have a variability spectrum. The degree is unmatchable and depth is unfathomable.

For instance, Christian, white, tall, slim, fair to London can be common but belief, thinking, communication, observation, articulation to imagination cannot be common with equal depth and degree. Even the twins behave differently. Herein lie the variability factor and that defines the unique characteristics of any individual. The story cannot be exact.

Your first visit to a foreign land. Your first job. Your first friend. Your first love. Your first house. Your first movie. Your first big achievement. Your first big possession. Your first talk. Your first walk. The plot of your story is built. The experience is simply yours. Nobody can mortgage it or can modify it. The custodian is your memory bank. Unlike the financial bank where interest grows, in the memory bank the memory fades with time. Only bank guarantee is in weaving those memories into words. The possibility of playing with words is magical. You can combine words and structure sentences to best represent your experience and feeling.

The story is yours only.

With birth we become a part of one society. Each society has its own set of rules. We can get chained to those rules. The religion that belongs to that society. The culture that belongs to that society. The customs that belongs to that society. The environmental conditions that is prevailing in that society. The people those are living in that society. The setting for the story is set. Initially we don’t have an understanding or an option but to follow the norms of that society. One thing everybody treasures is the essence of freedom. The more we experience it the more we yearn for it and we get intoxicated. The conflict is the freedom between the individual inside world the society’s outside worlds. Sometime we resolve it and confirm to that society and sometime we revolt and move to other society.

In this tussle between the internal world and the external world, we question our assumptions, our beliefs, our thinking to our understanding.

The art of story writing is in questioning.

The more we question about ourselves, our existing, our observation and our experience, the more we create matters for our mind to manage. This becomes the conflict of your story. These matters become the subject of our objects in our self story.

These are like matters of signature. Like every signature is unique, every self story is also unique. There is always a pride in exercising our first signature and the pride grows with every significant signing authority.

We all can sign off with style with our signature self story…


The world is shaped by two things, stories told and the memories they leave behind…

—  Vera Nazarian

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Nihar R PradhanStoriesCulture,Freedom,Life,Memory,Plot,Protagonist,Question,Reflection,Religion,Self,Setting,Signature,Society,Story,Tale,Words“One of the ways to reincarnate is to tell your story …”  - Spalding Gray Every individual who dawns this planet has a story to tell. The beauty is that every story is different. Though there may be similarity but differences are distinct. We don’t have a choice of choosing our...Break the barrier and Make a difference...