The top ten stories a must read in the book “makeup & breakup”….

  1. The Mirror
  2. Mystery Continues…
  3. Storm before the Romance
  4. Makeup and Breakup
  5. Mystery of Patterns
  6. Life without Purpose
  7. Fleeting Romance
  8. Sunday Newspaper
  9. The Voice
  10. Food 4 Thought

Makeup & Breakup - Nihar Pradhan

Looking forward to Reader’s list, reader’s are the leaders and Reader’s selection is the final list…

Happy Reading!!!

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Nihar R PradhanMy BookAuthor's Recommendation,Best Stories,Must Read,Selected Stories,Short Stories,Top Stories,Top TenThe top ten stories a must read in the book 'makeup & breakup'.... The Mirror Mystery Continues… Storm before the Romance Makeup and Breakup Mystery of Patterns Life without Purpose Fleeting Romance Sunday Newspaper The Voice Food 4 Thought Looking forward to Reader's list, reader's are the leaders and Reader's selection is the final list... Happy Reading!!!Break the barrier and Make a difference...