It is little wonder that rape is one of the least-reported crimes. Perhaps it is the only crime in which the victim becomes the accused and, in reality, it is she who must prove her good reputation, her mental soundness, and her impeccable propriety.

Freda Adler


Television continues to illustrate the power of mass communication to inform, educate and influence the public at large across the spectrum of media. Not undermining the role of social media in today’s digital age. Especially episodes broadcasted through popular channels like Star Plus definitely broaden the reach and if anchored by powerful actor like Aamir Khan, it significantly signifies the credence of the programme.

Then why not migrate from just entertainment to meaningful engagement, and making use of the power of the medium. Powerful programmes conceptualized and communicated through television can become the vehicle of igniting new revolution.  This is precisely being attempted by Aamir Khan through the innovative programme of Satyamev Jayate.

First, the show looks at problems from a fresh perspective. Aamir Khan’s natural style inspires a refreshing break from crusted formulas in scripting. His approach to the problem is a perfect combination of a scientist and a spiritual guru. The issues are extensively researched and every aspect is dissected with clinical precision. And with his calming composure of a spiritual guru he correctly empathizes with the sufferer and rightly empowers others to usher a critical change.

Secondly, the show goes beyond the problem in providing solutions. Aamir Khan does a through research of the problem to discover the right set of solutions. As a matter of fact all the stakeholders involved in the problem are actively engaged in designing the solutions which are practical and powerful in addressing the problems.

Today’s first episode highlighted the grave issue of “RAPE” in our society. The issue is not new and it is not that media has not highlighted it earlier. But the concept of the programme Satyamev Jayate is insightfully different and through the magical mind of Aamir Khan, he brings a completely new dimension to the table.

There are some myths which are strongly embedded with the issue have been straight away demystifying through the research facts presented in this episode:

Demystifying Myths:

Urban vs. Rural – It is generally felt that more rape takes place in urban India compared to the rural India. As per the study conducted by various NGOs involved in fighting the malaise of rape in our society have found the result to the contrary. In fact the statistics was a revelation i.e. 4 out of 5 rapes in India takes place in the rural hinterland.

Dressing a Culprit – This has been the immediate causality that victim dress code was cause of inciting the animal instinct in the rapist. Again study conducted has found that over 90% of rape victims were decently and completely dressed, and balance 10% wearing short clothes were children. There has no truth and evidence that dressing provokes the crime.

Age no Bar – Only certain age group is vulnerable and rape is limited to that group is another myth. Analyzing the recorded rape victim data across the geography breaks the boundary and it was found that rape committed age ranges from a mere 9 months to 90 years. It is in the mind and it is diseased. It has nothing to do with age and the look.

Justice System – Process & People:

The biggest challenge a victim faces is just not the process which is inherently cumbersome but more critical is the attitude of the people supposedly the custodian of that process. The victim has to run from pillar to post and for ages to get any justice. It is well known that justice delayed is justice denied. How ironical it is that hearing dates get postponed for such heinous crime with a drop of a hat with silly reason like lawyer’s child has an exam, hence he cannot come and it has been accepted by judges.  Pointedly said as exams dates for school is not changed if few students are not well. Why can’t be dates become mandatory in such grave crimes? Right from the police to the lawyer, the approach they adopt is grossly devoid of any touch of empathy and sense of sympathy, which is so vital in empowering the victim to fight the case.

As per the Justice Usha Mehra Commission Report, it was suggested of establishing “One Stop Centre” at notified hospitals to ensure speedy punishment to culprits. The centre shall be well equipped with access to all the stakeholders involved in providing the justice, right from the police, legal assistance to counselor.

The suggestion for setting up such one stop center in selected regions and areas can become the beginning of ending the grueling process of providing justice to the rape survivor and she is not a victim. The use of word ‘victim’ is again a problem rooted in our mind, needs change. The programme has sensitively handled the problem and profoundly projected the solutions. Hats off to the ever perfectionist and visionary Aamir Khan, the way he has conceptualized, researched and presented.

Sharing theses wonderful thoughts of Aamir Khan, the powerful views of the real courageous participants and of course the research work of the entire team behind the Satyamev Jayate show is a small step in our part that any individual can take. This support from all of us has the potential to create a revolution in our mind wherein lies the epicenter of the problem.

Aamir Khan’s show has the power to bring a revolution. Thoroughly researched and touching the emotional chords thereby igniting us to reexamine ourselves to initiate a new beginning.

The big question remains what is stopping the 99% people to fight out the 1% people committing the crime?

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